finding me time (take a break)

Finding ME Time (Parenting Life)

Finding ME Time as a parent is never easy. Parenting life in general. With 3 children and a husband, I am finding it hard to find a few minutes to myself. There is always something to do, from helping with homework, after school activities, a busy toddler, taking care of husband and my home. How can I find ME time?

All At Once

What has made things extra busy lately, is we are taking the kids to Disney for the first time and second, we are moving a week after we return! A bit crazy, but it just happened this way. I am starting to feel a bit claustrophobic, from all the moving boxes and luggages. But I am happy to say I am just about done packing for our trip and most things are packed for moving.

finding me time (take a break)
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Taking A Break

Lately, I have been reading blog posts, about taking a break from blogging or just a break from life, in general. Sometimes we tend to overwork ourselves and it is totally fine to take a break. There is that saying, “work hard, play hard.” I definitely agree with that but you also need a reset for a fresh start. A healthy mind and a relaxed body works a lot better. Without rest, there is no energy to put in productive work. Only you know when you need a break. It could be a day off from work, cleaning, working out or even cooking!

Take IT!

When you need a break, take it! I am super exhausted with everything going on right now but I know I will be taking a much needed break! I am going to enjoy vacation and when I return I will be busy again with the move to our new place. However, the time will come to enjoy a day or two or 3 of me time. A reset for me starts with a walk. Enjoying my time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and really enjoying my surroundings. Staring at a computer/phone for hours and being indoors for long periods of time is exhausting. Keeping a routine is great but we all need a break to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

How To Take a Break

  • Spa Day
  • Read a book
  • Take a walk
  • Watch a movie/show
  • Play a board game
  • Take a break from electronics
  • Soak in the sun (now that it’s spring/)

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How do you take a break and for how long?

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12 thoughts on “Finding ME Time (Parenting Life)

  1. Ahhhh…..a break. I remember when mine came at 8pm when all was quiet. lol. When my hubby worked out of town and my little dude was only about 3 or 4 years old, I hired a babysitter for every Tuesday evening….four hours. I took that time to shop or linger over coffee with a friend. It was a lifesaver. Azilde, some parents don’t realize how important breaks are….so this is a great reminder.

    1. Thanks Faye. Even one day out of the week is important. I have been craving me time and definitely need it. You are right, it is super important. Thank you ❤️

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