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Why Keeping a Routine is Important For Our Health

There are so many reasons why keeping a routine is important for our health, mentally and physically. A new year, a fresh start. Let’s reset and start focusing on ourselves and goals for once. We all start the new year off strong but then slowly fall back and return to what is comfortable for us. When COVID changed our lives for the forceable future, we all started new routines, more comfortable routines. Since we are still home for the most part.

Keeping A Routine

Keeping a schedule keeps us all in line. It is fine to take a day off but by staying on track and staying on schedule helps us reach our next goal. You may sleep in a bit late some days, but when you wake up keep that same schedule. By doing so, you know what is happening next and you are keeping busy. Busy is better than not having anything to do. Your brain is thinking and staying strong. Knowing what is going to happen next helps with anxiety and keeping busy helps with depression. There is no time to gloat on the negative.

A Routine for Everyone at Home

Even my kids have a routine. There is no time for “I am bored.” For my husband and I, we are working together for our next goals every moment. From keeping the house calm, keeping the kids busy, healthy meals and a peaceful, positive environment.

An Example of Routine
  • wake up and work out
  • make a healthy breakfast
  • shower and get ready for the day
  • work/school
  • review goals (check them off as you complete them and add new ones)
  • finish the day with a healthy dinner
  • spend some time as a family
  • go to bed early
Kids Routine

This isn’t our full schedule at home but an example. Our oldest has to read and write everyday, in addition to school work. This helps increase his vocabulary and writing skills. He also works out and studies the basketball games. This is something he loves. In order to improve he must practice. Our second has special needs, but we work everyday to help him keep a calm body and keep him on routine. This is very important for him. As being off routine gives him anxiety and behaviors. Even our little one has a routine. Reading and playing time, so he learns and develops!

Keeping A Schedule

A great way to keep a routine is by writing down a schedule. Keep a bullet journal or planner. I have a monthly wall calendar for the boys and a weekly one, as well. My husband and I use the COZI app to share our to do’s for the week and beyond that. It makes it easy to see appointments, the kids after school activities, etc. It is beyond satisfying to check things off as they are completed! Even with blogging I keep a schedule of posts. This year I plan to add more blogs other than recipes. That was my goal when I first started blogging and of course I fell off! New year, new start!

Healthy Body and Mind

Set yourself up for success and keep positive! Anything is possible, one step at. a time!

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14 thoughts on “Why Keeping a Routine is Important For Our Health

  1. I agree! I honestly love having having a routine. I keep joking that it’s a gemini thing, but if I enjoy the schedule I have created, I like keeping it. Thanks a lot for your post! Very interesting to read how routines work in your family.

  2. It’s indeed important and that’s why it’s on the top of my goals for the year. .. hopefully I can make some progress….thanks for sharing, need all the motivation👍👍

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