10 School Tips During COVID-19//Preparing

Blog #116: Another school year right? Wrong! Another school year that will be different from any other year we’ve experienced. The wait to see if school will be in session in person, hybrid or remote. Preparing for school during covid-19 is quite challenging. This pandemic has changed the way we proceed with everything, from grocery shopping to socializing. Hopefully these school tips will help you get prepared for the new school year.


I’ve been waiting since the beginning of summer for some news on what school will look like for my boys this year. I am a planner and like to have things prepared early on. However, this year is different for obvious reasons.

Just this week I found out their schedules. Next week is orientation for my oldest. He will attend school remotely for 2 weeks and then will start hybrid 2 days and 3 days remote. The most used word is COHORT in all the school emails. I hope my son has a few friends in his cohort as the group of kids will be his bubble for the year.

My second son will start school in person instead of hybrid, thankfully. He has special needs and has regressed tremendously since the pandemic started. I am hoping routine will help him and everyone at home. It has been quite stressful. One day will be remote but at least 4 days in school is better than hybrid/remote for him.

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Many bloggers I follow, such as Autism in Our Nest and Faye E. Arcand have posted great tips on how to survive this school year. I am thankful for that! I for one just purchased school supplies, as the list was JUST shared. I cleaned out the homework station and threw out all the old papers, markers and pencils and organized everything. I just need to finish the desk!

I want to share my tips that I will be using this year:

  • Check and see what school supplies you do have that you can reuse. I have a ton of new crayons and markers still in the box!
  • Whether you are homeschooling, your child’s school is doing the hybrid or remote model, have a designated area for homework and ZOOM videos.
  • We are lucky we have enough laptops at home but if you don’t, contact your child’s school. They should be able to provide a laptop or chromebook AND wifi.
  • Clean your child’s closet and donate what no longer fits or is worn out.
  • Don’t go nuts school shopping for clothes. Most days they will be home on ZOOM! Christmas is around the corner. They can get the extra WANTS later. Instead focus on what they NEED.
  • Sitting and looking at a screen for hours is exhausting! And for kids super boring. Have healthy snacks and make a nice filling lunch to keep them energized.
  • Make sure there is enough lighting and shades are open for some natural light. No doing work or ZOOM in bed. FOCUS!
  • Have extra masks and wash the reusable ones frequently. Keep an extra mask in their backpacks. We keep ours hanging in the hallway coat rack. On our way out the door we grab one.
  • Take breaks, stretch and workout! Less mobility = more tired.
  • Lastly, stay on schedule and make sure the kids and yourself get a goodnight’s sleep!

Easier said than done! However, a schedule is important. Just as with work, things get done when everyone is organized and focused on the goal! I hope these tips help you and your family.

Please feel free to share some tips that keep you sane at home with work and school!

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  1. Great tips! I agree on the movement one especially. I have to remember they don’t sit at school all day long – they move around to keep their minds focused. This is different than just doing homework – me telling them no play until their work is done. This is all day so movement is required. Good point!

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