7 disney thing must haves

7 Disney Things To Pack For Toddlers (Must Haves)

Disney requires a lot of walking and with the sun beaming at you, wearing a mask, due to COVID and a toddler it can become VERY tiring QUICK! Here are 7 Disney things to pack for toddlers (must haves)!

7 disney thing must haves

7 Disney Things to Pack for Toddlers

1. Stroller

A stroller is a must! If you can, bring your own stroller instead of renting one. Your toddler will be more comfortable in his own stroller. It will also be more comfortable for you. I love my stroller. It’s the perfect height for me and overall perfect size to maneuver around. The Disney strollers are plastic and not made for comfort when your toddler wants to nap!

2. Portable Fan

A portable fan is equally as important as your stroller. You want to keep your toddler as comfortable as possible for a less fussiness day. The fan can be used not just at Disney but at other parks, beaches and outdoor outings. I recommend THIS one from Amazon.

3. Baby Stroller Rain Cover

Bring a stroller rain cover. We all know Florida down pours for a few minutes and then you get a clear sunny sky the next minute. I lucked out as it rained just a little one of the days and cloudy the next, which was nice since it was very hot. It was still important to keep the stroller dry for my son and everything else I was carrying.

4. Sippy Cup Gripper

I love this product! Babies and toddlers love tossing things out of their strollers. Strap this on the stroller and attach their sippy cup, water bottle or favorite toy! You don’t have to worry about losing it. I got mine on Amazon.

5. Water Bottle

Which reminds me. Pack their water bottle or sippy cup. It’s just easier than worrying about buying water or juice they can easily spill while you push your toddler in the stroller. Plus it’s more comforting for your child to have his sippy with him!

6. Snacks!

I brought snacks for my family. Not just for my toddler. But it was important to bring my little one’s favorite snacks just in case he refused what I bought for food or if he was sleeping during lunch time (which he normally does). Besides, I didn’t want to spend extra on Disney food my toddler would have wasted! Snacks keep little ones busy. Especially since they can’t get on most rides! They are mainly sightseeing!

7. Diaper Changing Pad

You don’t think much of diaper changing pads once your baby becomes a toddler. But they are still young and most are not potty trained yet. There are plenty of bathrooms with large changing stations in Disney. Even the airport has a nursing station with a lounge chair, changing station and sink! However, they don’t supply a changing pad. You don’t want to lay your baby on a germy surface. Especially even more now, with COVID!

Be Prepared

Be prepared as much as possible. Pack extra, just in case. I packed hats for my son but he didn’t enjoy it much. At least he got some shade in the stroller and I had the sun screen on hand. The lovely part about carrying extra is you can stuff everything in your stroller without carrying anything by hand!

What are your Disney must haves with babies and toddlers?

Happy Travels!

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