playdough learning activities with your toddler

Playdough Learning Activities with your Toddler

Some summer days are too hot, especially with these heat waves, that seem never ending! Playdough learning activities with your toddler is a great indoor activity to do together, anytime of the year! My little one will turn 2 at the end of this month. There are so many changes and new things he is learning everyday! He is enjoying playdough these days!

Playdough Fun

As long as your toddler is not eating the playdough and he is interested in playing with it, it is a perfect learning activity! To get him comfortable, give your little one playdough and demonstrate what you do with it. Squish it and roll it. It is a fun texture to play with. My little one loves to squish and throw little pieces around. At least it’s not paint!

Learning Activities

As my little one has been getting more comfortable playing with playdough, I have been incorporating learning activities. I am currently teaching him big and small by making different size balls with the dough. He picks out the color for the day, which is great practice in learning the colors! Yellow is his new color word! In addition, making letters out of playdough is also fun! It keeps him engaged for quite some time! After breakfast or lunch, he gets some playdough time in his high chair, while I do the dishes!

Fun Activities to Try with Playdough:
  • colors – before even opening the dough, have your toddler choose the color he wants. Repeat, repeat and he will say it!
  • letters – shape letters and have him guess!
  • shapes – make round balls or make flat shapes like a star
  • sizes – make big and small shapes
  • texture – free play is great. Let your little one feel the texture; let him squish and pull apart the playdough.

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