5 summer activities to do with your kids

5 Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

Summer is officially here in just a couple of weeks! It is already hot with temperatures in the 90s here in Massachusetts. We get the really humid summers with no breeze. However, there is plenty to do here. We have the beaches, mountains and the famous Cape Cod everyone goes to during the summer! Here are 5 Summer Activities to do with Your Kids!

bike riding me and carter
Bike Rides

Bike Rides

I mentioned this in my 5 Spring Activities To Do With Your Kids post. Enjoy early morning or late afternoon bike rides, when the sun is down. Even if it is hot, the wind is nice, while riding a bike. When my boys were young my husband and I used to attach their bikes to ours for safety. But they also loved it because they didn’t have to pedal if they didn’t want to! My little guy just turned 21 months. He is still too young to ride a bike attached to mine. I ordered a baby bike seat to attach to my bike this summer. I have already tried it and he loves it! There are a bunch of different types and prices. I went for the bike seat that goes in the front of my bike, as I prefer to see him.

Golfing ari
Miniature Golfing

Miniature Golfing

Go miniature golfing! Adult and children love this. A good way to hang out as a family and also great for the competitive families! Miniature golfing places always have really nice looking. attractions, I love to see. And most places sell ice cream!

ice cream Ry and Ari
Ice Cream

Get Ice Cream!

One summer, we probably bought ice cream everyday. I know awful right! It was fun trying out different flavors. Our favorite ice cream spot makes their own ice cream, which is why we love it so much! Go out for ice cream or buy your own and make your own sundaes at home! I know I always mention bonding time with your children. But it is such a great way to bond and talk about anything; important or not.

Beach Ry
Tired Beach Days

Water Activities

Summer activities that are a must, is heading to the beach or a pool! Nothing beats the sun like taking a swim. Personally I love the beach to layout and the pool to swim. But I love them both equally. Kids love being in the pool or anything water related. Don’t have either? Get a small backyard blow up pool or even water guns to play in! What’s fun is a really rainy day on a super hot day. Get soaked, go home, shower and watch movies!

family walks
Family Walks


Take a walk and end at the playground. My family and I love taking walks, ALMOST year round. Once it’s October, it gets too cold to walk. The weather starts to get nicer again in April. We then start taking walks again. Some days we chit chat and other times we enjoy the scenery and the birds chirping. Get some air and let your mind take you wherever. I love doing this as a family!

Summer Activities

These are just a few things you can do outdoors with your kids in the summer. Nut of course there are PLENTY of other things to do. These are just simple activities you can enjoy and most are FREE!

Happy Summer!

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