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10 Helpful Baby Hacks

Blog #106: Every child is different and therefore, you may do things differently with each child. I know I have, from a learning experience with each baby. Maybe you have thought of these baby hacks and have been doing them all along. However, if you are a new parent you may be looking for some hacks to help you get through the day. Here are 10 helpful baby hacks that will make your days go smoother!

baby hacks
Hang bibs behind high chair
  1. Before baby arrives, start making freezer meals. Make enough for at least a week or two. Trust me, you will be so tired to cook and eating out gets played out;
  2. The first few weeks are exhausting! Believe it when people say, NAP when baby naps.
  3. Hang bibs behind the high chair for easy access during meals;
  4. During meal time split pureed foods, into 2 containers, in case baby doesn’t eat all of it. This is usually when baby first starts solids. You don’t want food to go to waste;
  5. For nighttime feedings and diaper changes, make life easier by having a basket next to your bedside filled with diapers, wipes, burp cloths, water for yourself, nipple cream, if nursing and bottles and formula if feeding;
  6. Have an additional basket (see #5) the living room so your not running to baby’s room for diaper and wipes;
  7. Don’t purchase clothes months in advance for baby. Every baby is different, whether born a premie or born to big to fit in newborn clothes! Purchase as they need new clothes;
  8. Feed baby what you eat. It is cheaper and healthier;
  9. From birth to at least 8 months, a sleep sack is a must! Keeps baby warm at night since blankets are not recommended in the crib;
  10. In addition to pajamas, have a few extra long sleeve ones used as pajamas. Easy to change diapers at night and zip them back up in the sleep sack!

If you have some hacks you have found helpful please feel free to share!


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7 thoughts on “10 Helpful Baby Hacks

  1. When you are gifted with a beautiful outfit for you baby. Use it! My husband was at home with our Baby (I was the one who went to work) and would not dress her in the fabulous wardrobe of clothes purchased by her doting aunt because she might spoil the clothes. Then she outgrew them in weeks and they never got worn! If I had been the one to dress her she would have looked like a princess every day 🙂

  2. This post is fabulous! I wish this short, doable, helpful list could be included in every new parent hospital packet. If you’ll do the layout, I’ll get it into the hands of the hospital departments here in my town. And, I’d like to post it on my site. Well done! (One question: in #8, you’re assuming parents are eating healthfully enough to share with baby? 🙂 )

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! Absolutely! I will on the layout and get to you this week. And yes on #8! Healthy eating😀 Is there a good email where I should send you the layout? Thank you again I really appreciate it!

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