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How to Keep Kids Active and Healthy

Now more than ever, it is important to keep kids active and healthy. When COVID stopped our lives, we became couch potatoes. Just waiting for it to pass. Well, a year later, and we are still dealing with COVID. We must continue our lives, in a SAFE way and keep a routine. How to keep kids active and healthy, you ask?

Keep Them in Sports

I have never been an athlete or much into sports. I played basketball as a kid and loved to play volleyball with friends. Yet, I’m not great at them. However, my husband is a fitness fanatic. He loves the game of basketball and golf. My oldest has developed the love of basketball and boxing. Let kids try out different sports to find their niche. There are so many different sports to try. Sports keeps kids active and focused. It teaches them discipline as they get older.

Other Activities

When the weather is nice, we take walks as a family. In the summer my kids love to swim in the pool or we head to the beach. When the boys were little we would take bike rides together. My husband and I would attach a bike attachment to get around in a safe way. It was so much fun! You can find the one I have HERE. My youngest is too little to go bike riding this summer. Therefore, I plan to purchase a bike car seat. I can’t wait!

Healthy Eating

To keep a healthy home, keep lots of fruits and vegetables available. I like to wash my fruits and keep them in bowls in the fridge. That way they are readily available. Cook lots of vegetables with every meal. Even if your child refuses them, they will eventually learn to like them or eat them when they are super hungry!

Here Are Some of My Favorite Homemade Healthy Sweets:

Show by Example

As the parent you are the role model for your children. Monkey see. Monkey do. In my last post, I mentioned I like to workout first thing in the morning. My husband and my son workout, as well, in the morning. You get it out of the way. Same thing goes with meals. If you eat lots of vegetables and fruits, your kids will soon to love them as well. Introduce a variety of foods. I like to discuss where food comes from or why I like something so much. Make a big deal of how tasty it is and boy does it work! Just keep trying!

My oldest loves making cheese sandwiches that NEEDS to have lettuce in them! Fruit is gone pretty quickly here since we eat it so much. My oldest and I love mangoes, my middle one loves raw carrots. My little one loves raspberries and my husband loves cherries. So good! Roasting vegetables is a plus, because it brings out the natural taste without taking out the nutrients. My kids love them!

Here Are Some Roasted Vegetable Ideas:

Keep Kids Active and Healthy

To conclude…

  • Be the role model
  • Always have healthy foods and snacks that are easy access
  • Do family activities together, such as walks or bike rides
  • Enroll them in sports, gymnastics or dance
  • Cook together!

How do you keep your kids active and healthy?

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