Finding Time To Workout (Fitness & Health)

Fitness and health is important but not a priority for many. Why, you ask? Most of us don’t enjoy working out. That includes me. Finding time to workout becomes impossible when it isn’t as important as doing your favorite hobbies. It is easy when you actually enjoy working out. I remember when I first had my first two sons. A month after my first was born, I was pregnant again with my second son. My body never got to heal since I became pregnant right away! People though I was crazy for getting pregnant so quick. Well, it happened! Finding time to workout after having my sons was a priority, at that time. I wanted to fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes that I hadn’t worn in nearly 2 years! I was tired of the maternity clothes.

My Fitness Pal

I ended up using the My Fitness Pal. In the app, you add your height, how much you weight and how much you would like to weight. Then the app calculates how many calories you should have a day to loose 1 or 2 pounds a week. I put in to loose a pound a week. Next you add everything you eat for the day. At first it is hard and you may go over your calories a bit. But then your body adjusts and you stay within the recommended calorie requirement. It was great! I lost all the baby weight and even lost more than I expected.

The Butt Bible

In addition to using My Fitness Pal, I was working out, using The Butt Bible workout. The instructor, Pauline Nordine, was so motivational! She keeps talking the whole time to keep you going. I was super strong and felt great, physically! Now, I had more time because I would work out when the boys took naps during the day.

Eating Healthy

You can workout all you want, but you must maintain a healthy diet. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating chocolate and junk food here and there. But once you train your body to eat good foods you will not crave that fast food burger. I incorporate fruits in vegetables everyday into my meals. I serve vegetables and even fruit with each meal. Sometimes I hear from others, “you like to eat healthy.” Yes, I do but because I love natures food! It tastes amazing and it’s great for our bodies! I eat what I want but everything is in moderation when it comes to junk food.

During My 3rd Pregnancy

While pregnant, I found a workout class for pregnant moms. It was amazing! I am sure this made labor a lot quicker for me. Although, they did get faster after each one! That’s a story for another post! Take walks and move around. This also helps with cramps. Those nights when baby sits on the wrong side and you can no longer sleep on your belly or back for that matter!

Workout for Women App (7 Minutes)

After having my 3rd son, life has gotten SO much busier. My oldest boys are 9 and 10 years old. There is school and remote school at that! Plus school activities and a nursing little one. I figured, I need to workout and get in a routine. Well I started to workout consistently using the workout for women app. At just 7 minutes (or maybe a minute longer), I feel accomplished for the day! You can do longer workouts, well. I wake up, work out, then start my day. As long as I do it in the morning, when I wake up, it will get done. 7 minutes is not a long time but it is something for now. I have been consistent using this app since August. I keep track of it using the workout spreadsheet I created in my bullet journal.

Once it gets nicer out I will start my walks around the neighborhood with my youngest in the stroller. I also take mommy and baby workout classes in the summer!

workout spread bullet journal
Workout Spread in Bullet Journal

Keeping a Routine Is How You Find Time To Workout

Keeping a routine is super important. That comes along with fitness, health and your goals. Breaking bad habits and creating new habits. Staying consistent will give you results. Eventually I would like more time to workout up to 30 minutes a day. However, I feel great with this app, with my current lifestyle. Life changes and routines change, so for now I am okay!

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  1. I enjoy working out. If I miss exercise for one day I feel it. But then I’m not running around caring for a young family. You probably get enough exercise getting through your busy day.

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