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100 Fun Facts//Celebrating My 100th Blog!

Blog #100: WOW! This is my 100th blog! To celebrate I want to share 100 fun facts. I love looking up fun facts and so why not share them with you! I have a board on pinterest called fun facts. Most of the facts come from WTF facts.

My 100th Blog!

Wow! I cannot believe this is my 100th blog. I am super excited to have come this far. I started blogging on October 2018 but would only post about once a month. I became consistent this past January. This is a place to share my ideas, things I love to do and express myself. I am learning new things everyday. Practice makes perfect and it takes time. Patience and consistency are very important. I treat this like my job and make sure to blog a few blogs every week and eventually work my way up. The easy part is that I enjoy blogging very much. Nothing is ever easy. Work hard and it will pay off! I can’t wait to see where I am a year from now with my blog!

This blog is a fun one therefore, let’s get started!

Fun Facts!

  1. Giraffes only sleep 30 minutes.
  2. Giraffes are also the only animals in the world that DON’T yawn.
  3. People with higher IQs tend to have anxiety.
  4. The average woman smiles 62 times a day.
  5. The average man smiles 8 times a day.
  6. Every 7 years you lose half of your friends and make new ones.
  7. People who complain live longer.
  8. If you lick someone’s elbow will they aren’t paying attention, they won’t notice.
  9. In Oklahoma it is illegal to take a bite out of someone else’s hamburger.
  10. People who laugh more are better able to tolerate physical and emotional pain.
  11. When a person cries and the first tear is from the right eye, it’s happiness. If it’s from the left eye, it’s pain.
  12. Chainsaws were originally created as a tool to help deliver babies.
  13. Polar bears fur are actually clear. The reflection of the light makes the fur look white.
  14. Over 90% of the time you forgive people because you still want them in your life.
  15. If anyone tells you, they are okay, fine or just tired, it means emotional pain.
  16. People who are too nice, are also the ones who get hurt the most.
  17. Snails can sleep for 3 years.
  18. Lack of sleep leads to sugar cravings.
  19. The people who smile & laugh the most experience the most pain.
  20. Dancing makes you smarter.
  21. Couples who dance together have a stronger bond.
  22. Fridays increase happiness around the world by 11%.
  23. People who laugh more are likely to lose more weight quickly.
  24. When you fall in love, you lose two close friends.
  25. When you get a kidney transplant, the bad kidney is not replaced. You get a third one in you.
  26. One chip of a chocolate can provide a person with enough energy to walk 150 feet.
  27. When young people are affected by grief their immune system becomes stronger versus older people’s immune system weakens.
  28. Avocados are poisonous to all animals.
  29. There are underwater rivers that flow on the ocean floor.
  30. There is a wooden church in Russia that was built without ANY nails 300 years ago.
  31. Having too many friends is linked to depression and stress.
  32. Braids were used for enslaved women to draw (braid) maps on their heads to escape plantations.
  33. Panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sun set on the Atlantic ocean and see the sun rise on the Pacific ocean.
  34. Dopey from Snow White was supposed to have a voice but the right actor to play him was never found.
  35. The Greenland shark can live up to 400 years old.
  36. There are sharks that were born before the United States was a country.
  37. Turtles can breathe through their butt and pee through their mouths.
  38. If you breathe on a diamond the fog will disappear immediately if it is real.
  39. Carrots were originally purple and newer varieties came about in the 17th Century.
  40. There is an underwater waterfall in the Indian Ocean.
  41. Australia hasn’t had a mass shooting since 1996, due to gun control laws.
  42. Eggplants got their name because when young they look like eggs.
  43. Tigers cannot purr. They show affection by squinting or closing their eyes.
  44. Cashews grow on a fruit tree called cashew apples.
  45. Octopuses are older than Dinosaurs.
  46. A banana milkshake sweetened with honey cures hangovers.
  47. A tiger’s tongue is so rough it can like the skin off an animal.
  48. When cats look you in the eye and blink slowly, they are telling you they love you.
  49. If a pregnant woman suffers organ damage, the baby in the womb repairs it with stem cells.
  50. Men who kiss their wives before going to work live on average, 5 years longer and earn more than their peers who leave home without a kiss.
  51. Stephen king sleeps with the lights on.
  52. We are born afraid of falling and loud noises.
  53. The creator of Powerpuff girls, Johnny Bravo and Dexter’s Laboratory were all roommates in college.
  54. Toy Story 2 was almost DELETED.
  55. Ants NEVER sleep!
  56. The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, never called his wife or mother because they were both deaf.
  57. Our strongest muscle is our tongue.
  58. Butterflies taste with their feet.
  59. Our stomachs produce mucus every 2 weeks. If not it would digest itself.
  60. Chocolate can kill dogs.
  61. Dogs and cats are either right or left handed, just like humans.
  62. It takes about 2 millions flowers for a bee to make a pound of honey.
  63. Petting a cat helps lower blood pressure. Same goes for the cat who is getting petted.
  64. Reading makes you more empathetic and open to new experiences.
  65. Ben & Jerry’s have a graveyard for their discontinued ice cream flavors.
  66. West Virginia is the most unhappiest and most stressed state.
  67. Hawaii is the happiest and least stressed state.
  68. Iceland is the country in the world that does not have mosquitos, snakes or reptiles.
  69. A gallon of gasoline would keep a cell phone charged for 20 years, if we could power a phone with gasoline.
  70. There are enough restaurants in New York city for one person to eat at a different one for 54 years and never visit the same restaurant.
  71. The best foods for your bones are avocados, peaches and bananas.
  72. 10 minutes of trampoline exercise is better cardio than 33 minutes of running.
  73. We stop thinking of foods as “too sweet” once our bones stop growing.
  74. Eating onions and garlic help hair grow.
  75. When a person sleeps a lot it means they are lonely.
  76. There’s a plant in Australia that will make you vomit, just by touching it.
  77. Crows are as smart as a 7 year old person. They have long term memory and understand analogy.
  78. People raised in warmer clients are friendlier than people raised in cold climates.
  79. Feeding canary birds red peppers turns them orange.
  80. Traveling boosts brain health and decreases your risk of heart attack and depression.
  81. There are pink bananas that peel themselves when ripe!
  82. Arizona iced tea hasn’t changed its 99 cent price since 1992.
  83. There’s a mushroom that grows in the wild and tastes like fried chicken.
  84. There is a town in Nebraska with a population of one.
  85. You can get a brain infection from popping pimples on your face.
  86. Dr. Rene Leannec invented the stethoscope because he was uncomfortable putting his ear to the chest of a woman.
  87. You burn more calories digesting celery instead of consuming.
  88. Each spike on the Statue of Liberty represents the 7 continents.
  89. Avocados contain more fat than any other fruit or vegetable.
  90. Algae produces most of the oxygen in the world.
  91. Ben & Jerry’s employee can take 3 pints of ice cream a day.
  92. Sand Tiger Shark embryos fight each other in their mother’s womb. The survivor wins.
  93. Snow leopards are not aggressive to humans.
  94. Michael Jordan’s brothers are 5’5 and 5’4 tall.
  95. Cherries can cause cancer cells to commit suicide.
  96. There are at least 6 people in the world that look exactly like you.
  97. Iceland is so safe, parents often leave their babies alone to nap outside in their strollers while they run errands.
  98. There is a flower called Hooker’s Lips because it actually looks like lips.
  99. Flamingo egg yolks are pink.
  100. In Michael Jackson’s music video “Beat It” he cast 80 gang member from the Bloods and Crips in an attempt to promote peace between them.

What are some facts you think are interesting?


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