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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Pandemic

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Celebrating anything during this Coronavirus Pandemic is not exactly celebrating. However, there are things you can do to celebrate and make it special. Since the pandemic we have all been home and speaking to our loved ones via phone and text. Another popular way to talk to family and friends is on FaceTime and ZOOM. Just like on Easter, you can do the same and have brunch together virtually!

However you want to make that call, whether it be over the phone or on video you can still make Mother’s Day a special day.

Some great ideas all done virtually via phone or video chat:

  • Cook or bake together;
  • Eat together-roll out of bed and make brunch or dress up and have a nice dinner;
  • Play games, such as bingo or trivia night;
  • Have a group video with all your favorite moms;
  • Do a drive by and write Happy Mother’s Day on your car window;
  • Play music and dance;
  • Pull out the baby album or just old pictures to share;
  • Paint your nails together;
  • Paint night!
  • Do a house tour – bounce ideas on new projects you have;
  • Watch a movie or show together and discuss it on the commercials. Don’t forget the popcorn🍿

You can always send a card by mail or order a gift to be delivered! Now more than ever it is exciting to receive fun mail since we can’t exchange in person! Another option is to order take out and have it delivered. Mom doesn’t have to cook for the day! You can also cook your favorite dish and leave it on her door steps. Ring the bell and drive away! Make sure to leave a note saying who it’s from of course.

In the end, please make sure to practice social distancing as much as possible. We have survived two months, which we thought wasn’t possible. This is the new normal for now. For now we adjust to this and hopefully we will back to normal sooner than later!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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