How to Make a Sensory Kit for On the Go

Blog #63: During this Coronavirus Pandemic no one is going anywhere. But it got me thinking, once this is all over, kids with sensory and anxiety will have to get used to what was once normal 2 month ago. They have gotten used to being at home everyday with the occasional walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air. Even for adults this may be hard already. After all, we don’t know what to expect. This is new to everyone. Not in a million years would we have thought our country would be sheltered in place, being 6 feet apart from other humans and have to wear masks and gloves to go out. The fact that people are scared to talk to one another even from a distance. The long lines just to go grocery shopping and once your in you have to to wait your turn to pick your produce. Having the patience and taking turns instead of rushing and getting close to others while shopping. The signs everywhere you go to stay 6 feet apart. It was unimaginable. I guess nothing really is impossible.

Day to day life has changed us all and possibly will remain changed forever in some way or another. I thought of a sensory kit for my son. He loves going to the grocery store to buy candy. Unlike me, I am not fond of food shopping. Since the pandemic I go shopping alone and leave my children at home with my husband. Once this is over, we hopefully can do things socially with family and friends again. We will have to get used to what was once normal.

To get a head start, or even to use now when you wait in long lines to go grocery shopping. Having a sensory kit in your car or while you wait in line, may help you get your mind off of things and not be so paranoid of others who are also waiting in line!!

I used a mini plastic organizer with dividers. You can also use a pencil pouch and just leave everything packaged. If you don’t have either use a zip lock bag.

  • Wiki sticks
  • Crayons
  • Sticky Note Pad
  • Putty
  • Stickers
  • Squishy
  • Stamp
  • Paper Clips in different colors
  • Magnet

You can use any sensory objects your child or you may like. The note pad works great since you can write notes, draw, use stickers and the stamp. The putty and squishy work well for squeezing. The wiki sticks have a wax texture. You can bend, twirl and shape. My favorite is the magnet and paper clips. I used colorful paper clips. The bright colors just bring happiness! The great thing is you can swap these items as needed. Your child eventually may just like one thing and no need to carry a variety of things.

These sensory kits are great on the go. Whether your going on a road trip, a ride to school or in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Of course these are not things you will be doing anytime soon but for now it works even at home. The anxiety of being at home!

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