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Snapper with Pineapple Salsa (In Under 30 minutes)

Winter holidays come with heavy meals. That is why fish is a good option. A fish you don’t have quite often. The new year is here. Why not start off with a healthy meal to celebrate! I had wanted snapper for quite some time. When I called my local Whole Foods they told me they had 10 lbs of snapper in stock and that I should reserve the amount I wanted for pick up. I purchased 3 lbs and had it cleaned and filleted. My plan was to make snapper with pineapple salsa. This dish took me a total of 24 minutes, including the pineapple salsa. While the snapper was cooking, I made the salsa.

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Sweet and Tender Roast Duck (Absolutely Delicious)

Have you ever had duck? To some it may be intimidating, as it’s not an everyday meat people eat. I made a sweet roast and tender duck and boy was it absolutely delicious! It was my first time having it and making it. My husband had it once at a local restaurant called The Landing Restaurant. We are still celebrating the holiday season. Why not make a delicious roast and tender duck? Everyone says it tastes like chicken. I can confirm that is correct. The difference between chicken and duck is that duck is very fatty and has only dark meat. This explains why this meat is very tender.

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