DIY Easy Christmas Window Clings

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Isn’t it fun to make Christmas art and crafts! Some crafts don’t last long if it’s paper and it may only last for one holiday season. What about making some crafts that you can use every holiday season and on a budget!

This Christmas I made window clings. The best part is, all you need is fabric paints, parchment paper and templates! I bought some fabric paint at michaels for a reasonable price that came out to about $9 using the coupons they offer weekly.  Parchment paper you can get for about $3-4 dollars and templates you can print or use other pictures you may have in coloring books or magazines you may have lying around. Even  kids picture books!  Of course if you draw well or you like to create your own designs you don’t need templates.

This a fun craft to do with kids as well. My boys weren’t too interested in actually making the window clings.  They found it fun to watch instead.

The first step is to pick out a template and put a piece of parchment paper over it. You can then trace in the design with the fabric paint. To make it easier purchase fabric paint with the pointer tip attached. That will make it easy to trace and paint in the design. It honestly takes a few minutes to do each design. Depending on how big or small you go. Lastly, let your window clings dry overnight. Once fully dry peel off slowly and stick to your windows!

Press against the window on all edges. A few pieces took a bit longer to dry as the paint went on a bit thicker. You don’t want the layers to be too thin or it will fall apart when peeling of the parchment paper. Thicker is better but will take a bit longer to dry.  I did notice some of my pieces could have used more fabric paint to cover empty spots.  For the next ones I guess!

My boys love them! They hung them up in their bedroom.


<3 Azilde

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