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Father’s Day Ideas for Husband

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Father’s Day is around the corner! Finally June and summer weather! There are so many things to so in June to incorporate into father’s day. The last couple of years we have lucked out and gone to the beach.  We are hoping the weather is nice to go again this year. My husband and our 2 sons love the beach. So do I, of course!

Some other things we have done in the past is to make a nice lunch that pairs well with my husband’s favorite wine. Or do dinner. We usually just do something as a family.  This year we plan on going to the beach and instead of making my famous Italian subs I make for our beach lunch, I plan on making lobster rolls! I’ve been craving them!

Some to do ideas:

  • Beach
  • Make a nice lunch or dinner
  • Hike to your local state park and pack a lunch
  • Take a nice walk around the neighborhood
  • Bike riding
  • BBQ

These are our favorite things to do but of course, you can do the movies, restaurant and celebrate with others! We do family time without spending much and not even on purpose! We just enjoy these activities!

For gifts my boys usually make something at school. I usually get something my husband needs. This year I got him a pedicure foot bath. He is very into fitness and his basketball leagues so he is always sore.

Other gifts I have done:

  • Gift certificate for pedicure
  • Gift card to Nike (picky husband lol)
  • Gift card to car wash
  • cleaning supplies for car
  • Reservations to our favorite restaurant (date night)
  • Favorite cologne

My husband is pretty picky about clothes so I do gift certificates to stores or gift things other than clothes! Over all, Father’s Day is so much fun for us all!

I hope this helps you decide what to do for your husband on his special day!


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