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Top 3 Baby Gadget Must Haves (Baby’s First Year)

My little guy will be 14 months next week! I keep thinking of all the baby gadgets I am still using a year later. Depending on what websites you read 14 months is still considered a baby. And some would argue it is toddler age. At a year old my son just got his first tooth and now days later the top tooth is coming in! A late bloomer compared to my first two boys. Here are the top 3 baby gadget must haves, during baby’s first year.

Baby Carrier

This is probably my favorite on this list. A baby carrier is a MUST. There are so many reasons to use one. I have owned cheaper carriers but it is definitely worth purchasing a good quality carrier or your back will pay for it. You need the support, especially as your little one starts to get older and weigh more. I have the original BabyBjorn carrier, which is the cheaper of the carriers. The carrier is adjustable to carry baby high or low and he can sit facing in or out. It holds up to 24 lbs. Carriers can hold premies and some up to 33 lbs. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, some carriers also can be used to carry baby on your back.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier -Google Picture


Some reasons to own a carrier for your little one:

  • Take walks
  • Baby needs to nurse, while you are cooking, doing dishes, cleaning, etc. (benefit of lowering the carrier)
  • While cleaning, vacuuming, laundry and baby wants to be held
  • Grocery shopping
  • On adventures, such as fall activities – apple and pumpkin picking (It’s hard pushing a carriage around in a field); you and hubby can take turns carrying baby)
  • Whenever you want to free your hands and baby needs or wants you!

Car Seat Toy

A car seat toy is great to keep baby occupied during short or long rides. When baby is a newborn, he can see the colors and as he gets older he can touch and play the songs on his own. You can also tell when baby is asleep or awake, if you hear the toy! It is great entertainment without having to bring extra toys in the car. You also don’t have to worry about baby crying, if a toy falls out of reach! I have the Infantino Go Gaga! and my son loves it!

Infantino Go Gaga! – Google Picture

Baby Jumper

Lastly, is a baby jumper. I have both a baby jumper and baby walker but am no longer using the walker. My son was able to climb out of it when he was about 7 months old! The minute he did I put the walker away. However, he still uses the jumper. He takes baby steps but is not yet walking. Whenever I need a break and he does not want to play with his toys, he goes in the jumper. I only keep it in one room and he does not use it as frequently as he used to and because of that he prefers to play in it longer! I own the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Jumper. This jumper holds up to 25 lbs and it is adjustable as baby gets taller. It is also great muscle movement, for baby, without him leaving the room. Bonus when parents don’t have to chase baby around.

Baby Einstein Symphony Jumper – Google Picture

What are your favorite baby gadget must haves?

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