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DIY Organizer Basket Made with Jute

This a perfect time to make a DIY organizer basket. The holidays are just around the corner. With so many online orders we get all types of boxes and so many different sizes. Once I start ordering gifts, even more boxes will be delivered to my doorstep. Some boxes are super cute in size and some are super large. From time to time I like to save them and recreate decor storage bins. I must admit I love decorative storage bins! A few years ago I made this DYI organizer basket made with jute. I am going to show you. It was super easy and lots of fun.

DIY Organizer Basket

Collect Boxes

As this year will be quite different, in terms of just celebrating with immediate family or those you live with; I am starting to save some boxes to package goodies. I will either drop off the goodies or mail them. Yet, I’ve never mailed out food, this will be a first. My cousin has moved out of state and I think he would appreciate some baked goodies this holiday season!

You can decorate the boxes on the inside with tissue paper, cover with gift wrap and write a message along with goodies or a homemade gift!

Organizer Basket

We can use baskets to organize anything. Here are some ideas where I use organizers:

  • Under the bathroom sink
  • Store Kids toys
  • Socks
  • Seasonal clothes
  • Store crafts
  • Kids artwork/school work you’d like to keep
  • Tools and batteries
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Car rags and cleaning spray

Those are just a few ideas to keep things organized and separate. Make things easy to find!

For this project, I used this basket to put all the kids balls in the living room. I had matched the basket with the decor I had instead of putting up a bright kids basket in my living room!

Now lets get started with this DIY organizer.

You will need:

  • Box
  • Jute
  • Glue gun
  • Glue gun sticks
  • Leftover fabric, such as a clean shower curtain

The amount of supplies you will need for this project depends on the size of your box. I used a square diaper box and used almost 4 yards of jute. Thats about 2 rolls of thick jute.

For fabric, I used an extra curtain I no longer was using and also used a glue gun to put the pieces together and glued to the box.

Start by cutting off all four flaps from the top of the box. Then start gluing the top corner and sticking jute as you go. Work your way around and around and around until you become dizzy 😆 Make sure, as you wrap, you push the jute tightly together so there isn’t any space in between! Work your way to the bottom as well.

Once the jute is complete, cut 5 pieces of fabric about an inch larger than the sides and bottom of the box. You want the extra fabric to glue the pieces together and then onto the box.

And voila! A DIY organizer basket! Sometimes its easier to make your own decor to match your home instead of searching for the specific piece you want!

Do you like organizers as much as I do?

35 thoughts on “DIY Organizer Basket Made with Jute

  1. I love this idea of making your own baskets and matching fabrics. Very cleaver. Thank you for the video as well. Have an amazing day my friend. Love ❤️ Joni

  2. This is so nice! Can I reblog? I put a DIY project on my blog once a day, usually in Italian and sometimes also in English. 🙂

  3. They look great. Beautifully made. When I provide a useful place to store things like shoes or hats and scarves things still get dropped close by but not in! Hope your family are better behaved.

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