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Keeping a Bedtime Routine

Now that school is back, it’s time to keep a bedtime routine. Even better to keep it year round. Every child has a different schedule based on grade level, after school activities and the amount of school work they get. But we can all agree getting enough zzz’s will have kids stay focused and energized for the day. Keeping a bedtime and school routine isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Pros & Cons at Every Age

The pros to having younger children in school, is that they may not get homework or very little homework. After school activities aren’t as late and you should be home earlier but of course the younger they are, the more dependent they are on you. Yet, the plus is, they follow the bedtime rule to a T because their body clock has your little one used to his or her schedule. Therefore, not much fussing around at bedtime.

The older your kids are, means more homework and more afterschool activities. Which results in late nights doing homework and not much sleep. Fortunately pre-teens and teenagers, somehow are able to manage a busy day on not much sleep.

Having a Successful Day

Whether your child had a good night’s rest or not much sleep at all, it is important to start the day off right. That means, having your clothes picked out for the next day (for those picky kiddos) and having that alarm clock on!


Some times that work for me are:

  • One of my son’s plays sports, therefore he showers at night, after sports. Meaning in the morning, all he has to do is wash his face and brush his teeth.
  • My middle son doesn’t play sports, therefore he showers in the morning. One showered last night and one in the morning. It is the perfect routine for me. No one is fighting over the shower and rushing around.
  • Don’t forget a healthy breakfast! My kids have their usual during the school week. Pancakes never happen during the week. Cereal, yogurt or bagel with a side of fruit or granola is a go to. Peanut butter toast with bananas and coconut flakes is another favorite, with a glass of milk. Rarely do they ask for eggs during the week. But that is easy to make.
  • Try and get the kiddos to bed at the same time every night.
  • Stay organized and use a planner/calendar.
  • Prioritize what is due first for homework and tests.

Have a Plan

Whatever your home schedule is like, have a plan. Each day may look different. But keeping a routine will keep you and your family sane!

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