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Maternity Shopping on a Budget

Yes, maternity shopping on a budget is a thing. For one, don’t shop at a maternity store. It is almost like a boutique shop, where they charge an arm and a leg. And I personally think the styles aren’t the best. Not very modern, in my opinion.

Where to Shop?

Try your favorite stores. Most carry a maternity line, even if it is a small section. Target sells Ingrid & Isabel which is a great maternity line. Comparing the prices at Target vs the actual Ingrid & Isabel website, you are literally saving so much money already. Nordstrom also sells the same brand but pricier.

Amazon is another favorite of mine. I love dresses and they have a ton of body con maternity dresses that are so comfortable! I honestly bought the same dress in 4 different colors!

H&M surprisingly enough has a maternity section with cute fashionable clothes at great prices!

Old Navy also has inexpensive maternity clothing. However, the material is not the best and the fitting of the clothes did not fit me well. Although you can’t beat the price!

What to Buy?

What do you actually need. You don’t want to go crazy but you still want enough outfits for the week and you really want to be comfortable. You will be living in these outfits during pregnancy and for the first month or so after delivery.

  • Bras –nursing bras, whether you are going to nurse or not. They are just so comfortable during and after pregnancy.
  • Underwear – If you wear high waisted underwear, then yes you need underwear. But if you wear bikini style, below the belly underwear, with no thick elastic bands, there is no need to buy maternity underwear.
  • Pants- 2-3 yoga pants with a mix of long and capri style. For errands and workouts. I have one pair of jeans but really not necessary. This is my 4th pregnancy, so I have a few more things LOL Jeans are good for dressing up and not looking so relaxed. A pair of lounge pants are a must for around the house!
  • Dresses – for me this is the most comfortable during pregnancy. Super soft dresses, that are super stretchy!
  • Shirts- I use my regular shirts, since my maternity yoga pants are over the belly. Crop tops are fun as well. I have one maternity shirt but I am not a fan of them.
  • Shoes- Find comfortable shoes. Once you get to your 3rd trimester, your feet get swollen and hurt if your not wearing shoes with great support. Don’t go crazy buying expensive shoes. Many times your feet grow with pregnancy, so you probably won’t be wearing the same shoe size after baby. Birkenstocks have made the list on comfort shoes for pregnancy women! I live in them!


It all depends on the weather and what you prefer to wear in general. If this is your first pregnancy you probably won’t show right away and you can get away with using a hair elastic to button your jeans or pants loosely for a little bit. Long shirts and oversized sweaters are also great to use without having to buy extra clothes. Why spend a ton on maternity clothes when you can go maternity shopping on a budget!

Happy Shopping!

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