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First Signs of Pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy can start as early as 5 weeks! Most of us don’t even know we have conceived at this point. However, if this is isn’t your first pregnancy, you will notice small things. You won’t immediately think your pregnant but you start to think you are. During menstruation we sometimes get “pregnancy” signs but they are mild compared to actually being pregnant.

First Signs of Pregnancy

Missed Period

A missed period is one of the first clues, you may be pregnant. I once heard of someone being pregnant and not knowing because she got her period every month. Our bodies work in weird, yet wonderful ways. I guess anything is possible, right!?

Sore Breasts

Sore and tender breasts is a confusing symptom because many of us get sore breasts around the time of menstruation. However, if you are nursing, you will definitely notice a difference. The pain becomes unbearable everytime my son latches on. It almost feels like when I first started nursing him, as. a baby.


Fatigue is so real. It hits you hard. In the first weeks of being pregnant, I was so exhausted. I would be ready for bed at 5pm. I would try to get everything done, to fall asleep by 7pm, since my toddler still nurses before bed. Your body is working extremely hard to create your bundle of joy. I am not a napper, but I definitely nap during pregnancy. You do start to get more energy in your 2nd trimester but then you go downhill for the 3rd trimester again LOL. Carrying all that extra weight in the end is not fun!

Frequent Urination

Visiting the bathroom frequently, becomes a thing immediately. You learn you can’t hold it as long as used to. But also, night time urination is even worse. It does not get any better. The beginning isn’t as bad as when you get further into your pregnancy. I swear, the minute I drink water, I have to use the bathroom ASAP. Which equals less sleep during pregnancy.

Heightened Smells

Even before missing my period, I noticed smells. The heightened smell you get when your sick and you don’t really enjoy the meal being cooked. This is probably one of the worst symptoms, because it leads to morning sickness and food aversions.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness and heightened smells, go hand in hand. During the first trimester you may not eat as much because everything is just gross. You may vomit, gag or just feel sick all day. Foods you used to enjoy are definitely not on your list of favorites anymore. HERE are some morning sickness remedies that help me during pregnancy.


We all crave certain foods we don’t eat frequently but pregnancy cravings, are just different! You need it now and can’t eat anything else. Sometimes I become more nauseous because I am really not interested in what I cooked for my family and want something else. It happens ladies!


Some women don’t even experience pregnancy symptoms. Although 90% do experience at least one. It is said that having morning sickness is a good thing during your first trimester. You can read more about it HERE.

What were your first immediate signs, that you were pregnant?

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