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Top Christmas Food Gift Ideas (Edible Gifts)

Who doesn’t enjoy getting baked goods for the holidays? Everyone enjoys edible gifts. This year I plan on making MORE baked goods than usual. Instead of purchasing gifts for the adults on my list, I will be gifting sweets. We, as adults, can purchase whatever we like and we may already have everything we want at this point. Here are the top Christmas food gift ideas to help you decide what to make for the special folks in your life!

COVID Lifestyle

Because of COVID, all of our life styles have changes. I honestly, have not dressed up in a long time. No heels or dresses and skirts. I enjoy athletic clothes, anything that is comfortable. In my bullet journal, I keep a list of all the things I want. However, there is no need for a new purse or new boots. What for? It will sit collecting dust since I won’t be showing it off anywhere! Most people feel the same way, I am guessing!

Which is why, a nice homemade sweet is the way to go for most adults on my Christmas list. My mother is getting Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Bread (Super Moist) and a cheese and Jam Gift basket, as she does not drink wine. But most gifts will be just a baked good. You can’t celebrate together this year but you can gift food. We can all agree food brings memories!

Edible Gift Ideas

Food gifting is very thoughtful, as it’s made with love! We think about what to make and who would like what. You can always add a gift card or recipe card to your baked goods, as well!

Here are some ideas!
  • Bread
  • Cake
  • Cupcakes
  • Cookies
  • Bark
  • Nuts
  • Sauce
  • Marinades
  • Dips
Here are some recipes you can try:
How to Gift Food

How to Gift Food

My Olive oil dip is amazing and goes great in a mason jar with some nice Christmas ribbon. Gift with a loaf of French or Italian bread. Marinades and sauces can go in mason jars, as well. Add a recipe card to the marinade/seasoning jar. The 3 Ingredient Raspberry Sauce Topping can be gifted with ice cream ingredients, such as the cones, sprinkles and an ice cream scooper. Cookies and cakes can be put in cute bags, mason jars and tins. Easy to find holiday bags at the Dollar Tree or your local craft store. I love Michael’s craft store! Breads can be wrapped in parchment paper, for that rustic look. You can add holiday ribbon to finish the look.

recipe card
I gifted this recipe card a few years ago with a marinade

Make Something Only If You Enjoy It!

Its so much fun to bake around the holidays! I personally am not a baker but love to try new things! Of course, not everyone enjoys baking or cooking for that matter. If not, don’t beat yourself up for it. You can always buy baked goods at your local bakery. Whole Foods also has great sauces to try. Stonewall Kitchen is a nice brand, with many different sauces to try!

You can always make your favorite desserts whether their homemade or out of a box! Everyone loves baked goods and chocolates! The best part is putting your goodies in cute tins and jars to gift. Check out my video:

Happy Holidays!

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  1. This is a lovely post! Festivity has joined your always creative, thoughtful, pretty, fun posts! And yes ~ that dip does sound amazing! 🙂 (I just mailed a gift box of assorted bar and drop cookies to some very dear friends … baked the round ones to the exact size of a small round cardboard box from a recent purchase. It’s possible my friends thought they were getting an emergency mylar sleeping bag instead of half a dozen spicy gingersnaps. 🙂 Probably gift wrap the interior boxes next time! )

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