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Pregnant, Now What?

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You find out your pregnant after taking 4 tests!  Now what?!  My oldest son will be 9 in a few weeks and my youngest is 8.  Yes Irish twins!  My husband and I decided to take a long break before having another baby.  Three has been our number.  It took us 6 months to get pregnant, which everyone says is not a long time.  For me it was as I had my boys back to back.  It has finally happened and we are super excited!  I am technically starting all over again since it has been so long.

To all the first time moms or moms who haven’t had a baby in a few years, this blog is for you.  You honestly forget all the little steps.  I remember nausea and throwing up with my first two pregnancies but I had actually forgotten how awful it feels until I had it again for this pregnancy.

I used an app called Ovia to track my ovulation days, etc.  So once I missed my period I had an idea how far along I was based on the date of my last period.  If you keep track of the date of your last period you then calculate your due date and how far along you are.  You can google, due date calculator to help you get an “exact” date.  Once you find out your pregnant you want to call your ObGyn to schedule your first appointment.  My likes to schedule the first visit at 8 weeks.  I ended up changing Obgyn for this pregnancy as I want to deliver closer to my home.

At the first visit, you will get your first ultrasound to make sure there is a heartbeat and to see the measurement of the baby.  This will give the doctor an exact due date.  I was actually measuring a week ahead.  I then had blood work done and had ALL my questions answered.  My youngest son has special needs, therefore I had a ton of questions.

My second appointment was two weeks after that.  Basically to follow up.  At that appointment I then scheduled the First Screening Test ultrasound and blood work.  This is the test where they test for down syndrome, trisomy 18 and trisomy 13.  I then saw the obgyn 3 weeks later for my results and to follow up and check baby’s heartbeat.

I will be 16 weeks (4 months) this week.  At my 18th week appointment I will have another ultrasound to reveal gender.  My husband really wanted to have a girl as we already have two boys and so we took the Sneak Peak Test and the test said BOY! You can take it as early as 10 weeks.  All it is a blood test.  This test is 90% accurate but some people say if the test says boy you can sometimes get a false positive.  It most likely is another boy but I will get confirmation on my ultrasound in a few weeks!

My nausea has passed for the most part. Certain smells like perfumes make me super nauseous!  But at least I can now smell, cook and eat chicken!  As with my first trimester I  wore a mask to cook chicken for my husband and children.  I could smell or eat it!  It was awful!  I just have to keep my belly full.  If I get too hungry I get nauseas, just as a not pregnant person except I am hungry every 2 hrs!  Luckily I crave fruits!

To keep track of your pregnancy by week check out the OVIA Pregnancy App and Baby Center.  I have both and love them!  This week my baby is the size of an apple or avocado!

I”ll keep you posted 🙂

<3 Azilde

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