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Open Faced BBQ Chicken Sandwich On Baguette

Everyone loves eating anything BBQ, especially during the summer. I haven’t made this in a while, but have been thinking of making it on a rainy day. This summer we have seen a lot of rain. This open faced BBQ Chicken Sandwich on a baguette is perfect for those rainy summer days. You still get to eat some summer food without having to go grill in the pouring rain!

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Citrus Grilled Snapper (Done in 25 Minutes!)

Memorial Day is around the corner and the weather has been great. This time around, it is going to be a big celebration here in Massachusetts, as our governor is removing all COVID restrictions, starting on May 29th. Just in time for Memorial Day. Because the weather is so nice, I have started using my grill. I made a Citrus Grilled Snapper, that I have to share with you. And I thought, this would be a great meal to make on the grill. Healthy and so satisfying!

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7 Kid Friendly Naan Pizza Ideas To Try

There are many nights, when I don’t feel like cooking or my husband grabbed something to eat. Meaning I can make something small for me and the kids. The kids prefer bread meals since they are kids! Lucky me, because bread meals are pretty easy. Especially on weeknights when the kids are at after school activities. It’s a lot of running around and so I always have naan at home just for these meals! Here are 7 Kid Friendly Naan Pizza Ideas to Try.

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