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Lunch/Dinner Sides

Farro with Roasted Vegetables (Meatless Monday)

By now you can see how much I love roasted vegetables. Adding farro to the mix makes it even better. For those nights you don’t want meat. And by that I mean chicken. My husband is perfectly fine having chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I get tired of it. This farro bowl is hearty and very filling. You got yourself some nice fall colors in this dish. Very halloweenish if you asked me. All I did was make some roasted vegetables and then realized the halloween colors are all in this dish! HA! In 15 minutes you have all the vegetables you need for a nutritious meal.

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Sautéed Buttery, Garlic Cod with Lime

Butter, garlic and lime! What an amazing combination. Cod is a fish that is pretty bland on its own. Which is great when you want to experiment with flavors. I don’t usually buy cod often but wanted something different. For lunch this weekend, I made a sautéed buttery, garlic cod with lime. If I had thought of the recipe in advance I would have let the fish marinate for a few hours before cooking. However, it still turned out delicious.

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Fall Farro Salad

Fall is here and you can finally feel it in the air. The cold mornings and the leaves turning color. Here comes the holidays filled with sweets and heavy comforting foods! It’s easy to crave warm foods in winter to keep toasty and cool foods in the summer. You can still have salads in the winter with warm foods in it! This fall farro salad will keep you full and warm all over!

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What to Do and Make with Leftovers Part II

I decided to make a part II on What to Do and Make with Leftovers. There are so many ways to incorporate your leftovers instead of tossing them in the trash! Of course, if you are not planning on using them right away then make sure to freeze them! Don’t you love going to restaurants where there is a salad bar with a ton on roasted vegetables to add to your salad? I love that! I have thought of doing that on many occasions. Preparing a bunch of vegetables to add to my salads. Using my leftovers gives me the same results without having to make extras for salads!

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