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Cleaning Schedule (Perfect For Spring)

I rather clean my kitchen over my bathroom anyday. Sometimes I am in the mood to clean but that is not often. To keep myself on schedule I write down my to do list in my weekly planner to remember. As there a billion other things we would rather do than clean! I’ve actually just started a bullet journal and have created a checklist with weekly, monthly and bi-annual cleaning tasks to do. Below is a cleaning schedule organized by daily, weekly, monthly and bi-annual tasks.

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20 Kitchen Hacks I Use Everyday

Whether your in the kitchen cooking or baking we would all like to make life a bit easier. Don’t get me wrong. I love being in the kitchen creating new dishes. However, I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday with one day a week we usually do pizza or sushi. I prefer to move things along most days! These aren’t just any hacks I am sharing with you, but hacks that I use frequently to make my days easier. Here are 20 hacks that I use every time in the kitchen!

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Pregnancy and Baby

10 Helpful Baby Hacks

Every child is different and therefore, you may do things differently with each child. I know I have, from a learning experience with each baby. Maybe you have thought of these baby hacks and have been doing them all along. However, if you are a new parent you may be looking for some hacks to help you get through the day. Here are 10 helpful baby hacks that will make your days go smoother!

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