8 Things to Do During Quarantine To Keep You Busy

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Life has changed for everyone in the world at this point. Now that you are home, what can you do besides shopping online for unnecessary things. I can help you with that! These are things I am doing that help me stay sane!


Mother’s Day: Think of all the moms you know and send them a mother’s day card without leaving your house! I use the INK app. You can customize a card and even add pictures. The company will mail the card on your behave or you can get the cards mailed to you to mail out.

Projects: Start that project you’ve been meaning to start or finish. You know the dozens of pictures you have to organize and put into albums or cleaning your basement or that paint job. Deep clean your kitchen and bathroom.

Cook: Try some new recipes. Now that you have the time to cook, try some new recipes like an amazing Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Watermelon Salad. Prep meals in advance, bake muffins and freeze for later.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Watermelon Salad

Traditions: Start new traditions with your family. Maybe start having game nights or read a book as a family. Have a music or movie night. Bake together. My family and I have started to do cheat meals. We eat healthy for the week and have one cheat meal at the end of the week! Since we aren’t moving around as much we make sure to eat well and take care of ourselves as much as possible.

Phone Calls: Now more than ever we have unlimited time on our hands. Call your cousin or friend, who you haven’t contacted in forever. Texting doesn’t count! There is so much more to be said via phone. These are times when people can feel alone and stressed out. People have lost their jobs and are out of routine. Some can handle it better than others. Just checking in on your loved ones makes a huge difference on how people feel emotionally.

Hobbies: Pick up that book you’ve haven’t had the time to read. Read all those subscription magazines that are sitting collecting dust. Finish knitting that blanket and gift it! In time for Mother’s Day. Hint Hint!


Meditate: We live such a rushed life. Here in the states, it’s go, go, go. Now is the time to meditate and clear your mind. Even 5 minutes of your day, try not to think of anything. It’s super hard to do! Start off by doing it for 30 seconds. Try yoga or stretching. Try things to calm your body and mind. Coloring with my kids is so relaxing to me. No talking. Just coloring. I feel like I am a kid again with no worries or responsibilities. Turn the TV off and sit in silence for a few minutes everyday and take deep breaths. It feels amazing!

Pamper yourself: Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Massage your feet and take a nice hot bath or shower. Do your hair. Shave and do your eyebrows. Try a facial. Anything that is relaxing and fun for you!


It is nice to not worry so much about time at the moment. We are not in a rush to go anywhere. Take this time and make it your time. Don’t waste it, as this quarantine will eventually end. Be productive everyday. Just take your time. Go ahead and paint for 3 hours because you can!!

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