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Quarantine Craft for Kids – T-shirt Design

Blog #70: How many times have you stained a shirt while cooking or eating? Plenty of times, of course! If you cannot remove that stain then repurpose and have a quarantine craft day with your kids!

How to Remove a Stain

Once you wash a shirt in warm or hot water the stain becomes permanent. It is best to wash clothes in cold water. The benefits of washing clothes in cold water are: stains disappear in cold water, your clothes won’t shrink and somehow less water is used in the washer compared to hot water.

The moment you get sauce or anything spilled on clothing immediately take some Dawn Dish soap and wash the stain with COLD water. This works very well for most food stains on clothing.

If you have a shirt that is stained don’t fret. Many times you no longer want a shirt because of a stubborn stain you can’t remove. Not all pieces of clothing can be saved but you can always repurpose. This is a perfect opportunity for a kids craft! All you need are a few supplies.

Fix It

I have a bunch of clothes to donate and noticed that one of my son’s onesies no longer fits. I do not donate clothes with stains or that have rips. However, this onesie was in perfect condition as my son only wore it a few times. Yet there was a stain right on the front. I tried to remove the stain but no luck. Why not fix the onesie and still be able to donate it.

I decided to design the onesie. It was perfect since the onesie was white with a light blue border. The best part is you don’t need many supplies for this craft.

All the supplies you need!


  • Onesie or Stained shirt
  • Stencil
  • Piece of cardboard or thick piece of paper
  • Fabric Markers

I had this unicorn stencil for the longest time but couldn’t find a use for it until now. It was the perfect size!

Lets Get Started!

You want to start off by putting a piece of cardboard or thick paper in between the onesie to avoid 🎨the colors bleeding through.

Cardboard in between onesie

Next, stick your stencil right on the onesie. Make sure the stencil is pressed on straight and that the stencil drawing will cover your stain!

For this project it was best to use fabric markers instead of fabric paint as the material was pretty flexible. Paint would bleed right through the stencil making imperfections. With the markers I was able to use the bullet and broad tips it came with. Making it easy to switch tips as needed.

With Stencil

Here is the finished product with the stencil still on. You can use any stencil but a sticker stencil works best to secure your picture in place.

As you can see in the picture the stain is completely covered! I now feel comfortable donating this piece of art work!

I am excited to work on future art projects like this! It was fun and simple. Perfect for quarantine life at the moment with the kids!



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