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Holler and Glow Hand Mask Review

Blog #81: Are your hands dry? Do you suffer from eczema on your hands? I do and it seems to have gotten worse with this quarantine. Being inside most of the day; Dry air, maybe. Cleaning dishes in hot water and cleaning with different products?! Maybe. Here is my review on the Holler and Glow Hand Mask.

Dry Skin

I have always had dry skin, especially in the winter but can always manage it. I had a dry spot on my finger for a few years now that would flair up when I did not wear gloves while doing dishes in hot water. For the most part I wear gloves but I tend to make holes while cleaning the knives. Constantly!

The last 2 weeks my hand had become covered in dry patches. Red, itchy and painful. It felt like a billion paper cuts and sandpaper every time I rubbed against something. My hand got to a point that no matter how much I would moisturize my hand, it did not get better.


I gave in and decided to call my doctor. At this point, I could barely do the dishes even with gloves on! My doctor prescribed me Triamcinolone Cream. I used it for 14 days, twice a day. I can still feel a little roughness and dryness. But overall it has healed and no longer looks scaly, nor do I have peeling skin or flair ups!

I have never had eczema this bad before. I decided to purchase a hand mask and I also purchased a lotion specifically for eczema, certified by the National Eczema Association. I am using the Gold Bond Eczema Relief Hand Cream. It specifically protects and heals skin from itch, dryness, scaling/peeling, roughness, redness and irritation, which is what I have been suffering from; due to quarantine and constantly washing my hands. I needed this specific cream. I will be using this long term going forward. Especially in the winter.

Holler and Glow Hand Mask

Just like your face, your hands show signs of aging a lot quicker than anything else. The Holler and Glow Hand Mask from Target was definitely worth a shot at $3.99. I was surely not disappointed. The gloves were easy to put on without slipping off. I got the avocado scented one that smelled amazing! I left the gloves on for about 20 minutes and then lathered the lotion that remained on my hands. It felt so nice and relaxing! My plan is to use the hand mask at least once a month to keep my hands moisturized, in addition to using the eczema lotion.


A woman should keep their hands beautiful and well kept but it does become hard to manage when you are cooking, cleaning and constantly washing your hands. I need better kitchen gloves that do not tear so easily, as I use extremely hot water when washing dishes. I try to use the dishwasher as much as possible but there are those certain dishes, like plastics and pans that need to be washed by hand.

Now that my hands are back to “normal” I can wear my Impress Nails!

What are some tips you use to help with dry skin year round?

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