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DIY Gift Tags for Christmas (Holiday Cards)

Do you get tons of holiday cards every year? What do you do with them? How about, reuse them! DIY Gift Tags for Christmas! Keep your favorite ones but use the rest to make holiday gift tags for the following Christmas. I actually do that for all types of cards, including Birthday cards. Use your favorite part of the card and cut it out.

Christmas and Birthday Cards

I have to admit, I don’t really enjoy buying cards to go along with a gift, unless I am gifting a gift card. Most people read the card and toss it. Cards are a hefty price for a piece of card-stock that will later end up in the trash. They seem to get pricier every year. I think the most expensive I’ve seen is $7! Wow!

Designing Gift Tags

Instead of tossing holiday or birthday cards, save them to make gift tags. I haven’t purchased tags in a LONG time. I save Christmas and birthday cards I get: cut them out into a shape, using a template, punch a whole and add some string.

  • Use a template to cut out shape designs
  • Stickers enhance the design
  • Use your favorite part of the card to make a gift tag
  • Add string to hang on a gift bag
  • Fold in half, to put recipients name (to and from)
gift tags
DIY Gift Tags

Make it a Kids Craft

Grandparents and relatives love getting gifts handmade by kids. However, it becomes clutter to keep all the artwork kids make. Take a picture and toss after. But reusing a card to make new name labels? I personally love them idea! It’s also lots of fun! To add more decorations, have kids use foam, construction paper, stickers, etc.  Save your scraps for those small and quick projects.

DIY Gift Tags

Gift tags are not expensive but instead of wasting your holiday cards, why not repurpose them? Gift tags go in the trash anyway! Less paper to waste and better for the environment!

Check out my 2 videos below. The snowman gift tag video was one of my first youtube videos. I had so much fun making this craft!

Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!

8 thoughts on “DIY Gift Tags for Christmas (Holiday Cards)

  1. These look much neater than the ones I used to make from old Xmas cards. When my daughter was small we would spend a happy hour or so judging all of the Xmas cards we received to shortlist and decide a winner.

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