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Easy Vegetable Platter (Light Lunch)

Since getting back from vacation and moving a week after, I haven’t been interested in cooking much. I mean there has been a lot going on, including officially sleep training and night weaning my son! I’ll get back into the swing of things! For lunch I made an easy vegetable platter. This was the perfect light lunch and not much cooking required!

easy vegetable platter
Easy Vegetable Platter (light lunch)

Vegetable Platter

I wish I had taken more pictures of this easy vegetable platter. But again, I really have been trying to do quick and easy meals, as it has been a lot busier than usual at home. For this platter, even my kids enjoyed it very much. To make this light lunch filling, I took a head a cauliflower and cut them into florets. Then I tossed them in garlic teriyaki sauce. If course, you can use your favorite sauce for this! I roasted the cauliflower on BROIL for 10 minutes. That was all the cooking required for this dish!

Putting the Platter Together

As you can see in the picture, I laid everything on a large serving platter; serving the cauliflower over some sprouts. You can use your favorite vegetables but here is what I used:

  • roasted cauliflower (marinated in garlic teriyaki sauce)
  • sprouts
  • celery
  • carrots
  • cucumbers
  • orange pepper

What to Use for Dipping

The boys had their vegetables with a side of peanut butter and hummus. My husband and I had ours with hummus. There are so many great hummus flavors to try. Jalapeño, artichoke and spinach, roasted peppers and even spicy hummus! I have to say spicy hummus is my favorite right now. Of course, there are other dipping sauces to try, such as tzatziki, artichoke parmesan dip, veggie dip and your classic salad dressings.

Try Different Vegetables

I used the vegetables I had in my fridge but there many different vegetables to try. It’s great to add a variety and offer kids different dipping sauces with the vegetables! It makes them enjoy the vegetables a lot easier. This vegetable platter is also great to serve as an appetizer or a light lunch, as I made it into!


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