outdoor fall learning activities with your toddler

Outdoor Fall Learning Activities with Your Toddler

Fall is now upon us. One day it’s hot out and the next day you feel that morning chill. Cold mornings and warm afternoons but don’t forget that sweater! The cold breeze is still there! Yet, we can still hang out in the outdoors. There are many outdoor fall learning activities to do with your toddler.

5 Senses

Now that your toddler is getting older, teach him the 5 senses by exploring outdoors!


The first one, which is easier for toddlers to understand is sight. They can explore the outdoors by pointing out trees, the grass and sky.


Point to the chirping birds, which they can also see! Using sight and hearing at the same time! Go to the playground and see and hear the other little ones laughing and running.


Stomp on crunchy fall leaves and collect some! Name what you see, hear and touch.


Bring some pumpkin or fall inspired snacks on your nature walk! Also bring a blanket and sit down for some fun treats. Here are some of my fall favorites:


Smell and taste go hand in hand. After a nice walk go to the grocery store or farm stand to check out the pumpkins. Hard to explain to the younger ones, but the older toddlers may understand. Show them pumpkins and tell them your snacks were made from this vegetable!

Smell the fresh produce and the morning crisp air. As we get older, certain smells remind us of happy younger times, that we want to share with our children.

Shapes & Colors

Along with the 5 senses, you can incorporate so many things, doing just a few things! The leaves, for example are super fun, for even me! Collect a few leaves, name the colors of each leaf, trace the leaves with your finger and guess what shape it’s closest too. Smell the fresh leaves and the dry ones. What do the leaves feel like? Groovy, soft or crunchy? Jump on the leaves and hear them crunch!

Exploring Nature – Outdoor FALL

Take a walk around your neighborhood or walk some trails. Either way, it is some exercise for you and bonding time with you and your toddler. You can always ask what the weather is. Are you feeling cold, hot or just right. Is it cloudy, rainy or snowy out?

There is so much to explore for each season. Enjoy the outdoors!

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