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Fall Activities During Covid-19

There are many things we can still do during this pandemic for fall activities. You may just have to do things with your own family or keep groups smaller than 10 (here in Massachusetts, anyway). Growing up, fall was my least favorite season because the change in temperature. Cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. Too many layers for school. But now it has become my second favorite season over the years. Spring is still my number one, most favorite! I love the fall activities and traditions I do every year with my family. Best of all, I love the foliage and fall shopping, of course!

As long as your social distancing you can still go out and do fall things. These are my favorite fall activities I do every year.

Apple Picking

Every year I go apple picking with my husband and kids and then I make a separate trip with my kids, my mom, sisters and aunts. It’s a celebration for my mom and sister, as their birthdays are both in October and we all get together to enjoy a fall day.

Don’t just apple pick! Buy some apple cider and donuts and I love getting the honey sticks! Try out a new jam or something you don’t normally find at your local store. We purchased jalapeno salami. It went well with a nice cheese platter and fig jam for dinner!

This year is obviously different with regulations due to Covid, but if there is a nice area for a picnic, why not! I usually visit 2 different apple picking fields. One has the picnic area away from others, which makes it okay for a picnic. Bring a blanket and enjoy some cider and donuts with your loved ones!

Don’t forget to see the animals and if allowed, in some places, feed them. The apple field I visited today did not allow feedings. We however, got to see a horse, donkey and pig!

Pumpkin Picking

Carter wave hi!

Believe it or not, I like to STRETCH out my fall activities 😆 Instead of apple and pumpkin on the same day, I make it a separate outing. Besides, those bags of apples are pretty heavy, along side having a watchful eye on your kids in a large field!

Have the kiddos pick out their pumpkins and decide before hand what carvings they’d like to make. That way you know what size and pumpkin shape you need. Also, have an idea how many pumpkins you need to decorate your home with.

Fall Shopping

The best time of the year to shop for home decor is definitely fall. Rustic farmhouse has been my favorite style now for a few years and it easy to incorporate fall with current decor. Pumpkins, greenery, throw pillows and blankets and new kitchen towels! A few years ago I purchased a wreath by Hearth & Hand Magnolia By: Joanne and Chip Gaines. Exclusively sold at Target stores). I purchased it for Christmas and I still have it up! It goes with every season!

Then there is clothes shopping for sweaters and boots and school shopping for the kids. It’s definitely a fun time of year to shop!

Crafts & Decor

Fall crafts are so much fun! Make something for your home with the kids or just you!

  • Collect leaves 🍁 , cover the leaf with a large piece of paper and color over it;
  • Make a pumpkin and write what your thankful for on each strip. Add link or i can write i structions n add pic from canva
  • Go to the dollar store and buy cheap decor to reinvent a new craft!
  • Make a floral decor.

Another fun way to decorate is using your apples from apple picking. Put a nice bowl out on your coffee table, kitchen table or screened porch full of apples. This definitely screams fall. If your leaving apples outdoors make sure to bring in the bowl for the night or make sure it’s a screened porch. You don’t want to attract unwanted creatures!


If you read my blogs you know I love to cook! I am not much of a baker but there are some things I like to make every year.

Last night I thought of making pumpkin brownies. I guess it’s nothing new! A quick search on pinterest and I found a ton of 2 ingredient pumpkin brownies. Wow that was simple. This morning I made this 2 ingredient dessert. Not bad. Definitely very moist and fudge like. It was good but not a brownie texture. If I make this again, I will probably use half a can of the pumpkin puree and add the eggs? Not sure, I would have to play with this recipe. Let me know if you’ve tried this popular recipe and any tips to make it more brownie textured.


Take a drive and see the foliage in different neighborhoods and on the highway! Why not take a walk for a closer look and crunch on the leaves. I admit as a grown woman, I still enjoy this! Doesn’t look so bad when I am crunching leaves with my boys. Haha

What are some of your favorite fall activities?

Happy Fall! 🍁

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30 thoughts on “Fall Activities During Covid-19

  1. Wow awesome .. this post is really sensational,it truly cast light on the fun filled activities during the season..I could visualise it as a 4k film in my mind with every single word u have used…

  2. I always jump on scrunchy leaves and scuttle through them. I pick blackberries and sloe from the hedgerows and make slow gin. We go to the Apple farm on Apple day in October and buy fresh apple juice and cider. I love September!

  3. Fall is my favorite time of year. Apple season…there’s nothing like those fresh picked apples…Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Ambrosia is my fave!! I’m going to try the cake/pumpkin squares…those look so delish!

    1. Thank you so much! I love the not so scary movies!! I’ve already recorded Hocus Pocus! 🎃

      Is there a subscription email I can sign up to for your blog? I follow you from WordPress. I am planning to self host my blog and would like to stay in touch! I l love your posts! I also learned only email subscribers will transfer over to my self hosted site. There are some changes but I am excited! ❤️

      1. Haha totally! Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride are also good ones!

        Yes! If you go to my home page, near the top of the right column menu, there’s a box to put your email 😉

        Ahh that’s so exciting you’ll be self hosting!! I’ll make sure that I’m subscribed by email to your blog, because I don’t want to miss any of your posts! ♥

      2. Yes! I just watched that a few days ago!

        Thank you! I will subscribe! I am excited to self host. I’m still workin on some things. Hopefully sooner than later. Doing some more research before I commit. One day I say yes then the next day I get scared 😆

        Thank you for your support ❤️

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