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Breakfast Fall

How to Make Chocolate Pumpkin Granola

es and the smell of pumpkin candles and everything spice! I want to share with you how to make chocolate pumpkin granola. It is perfect for those autumn parfaits and acai bowls. I bit of pumpkin spices to get you through the fall!

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Chocolate & Fruit Dessert

Valentine’s Day should be celebrated everyday instead of once a year. We should celebrate love everyday. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not. However, it is a cute holiday. I do like the candy and chocolate and the colors of pink and red! Very pretty. Valentine’s Day is also another excuse to eat chocolate and other sweets. This year, instead of buying candy for the kids, I am making chocolate & fruit dessert. You get chocolate, but you also get the fruits! Valentine’s Day Chocolate & Fruit Dessert!

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Chocolate Peppermint Bark (Every Christmas)

Every Christmas I make Chocolate Peppermint Bark. I should say every December, as I make it a few times for my home and to gift! I enjoy making goodies that don’t require much work since I am usually making large batches. My favorite Christmas goodie is BARK! It is super easy and no cooking required! You really can’t mess this up unless you scare the chocolate during the double boiler method with water. If that’s the case, melt your chocolate in the microwave.

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