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Appetizers Salty

Olives Marinated in Garlic

One of favorite marinated olives is made with garlic, parmesan and lemon juice. If you’ve never tried marinated olives, you must! Olives are so delicious. I can easily eat them by the jar. In fact, I have on many occasions. During my first pregnancy that was one of cravings. I love olives!! Do you like marinated olives? Most of us don’t think to make marinated olives because we can easily purchase them in store and secondly, we don’t think to marinate them unless there is an occasion for celebration. I do admit, I fall into these two categories.

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Herb Lemon Chicken Soup

Soup with LOTS of lemon and lime is a must for me when it comes to chicken soup. I make herb lemon chicken soup several times during the winter. Surprisingly, I haven’t made it much this winter. I love saving the leftovers, in the freezer for those sick days, as I don’t enjoy canned soup much. Leftover soup tastes even better the following the day. It’s even a better recipe for the crockpot. It smells so good cooking the whole day.

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