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Top 10 Pinterest Recipes /Must Try

Blog #112: Pinterest has so many must try recipes. So much inspiration to try foods you may have never thought of. I for one used to cut out recipes from magazines and keep a recipe binder book. I still have that binder but only pull it once in a while. Mostly for holiday recipes. Recipes I don’t make often. My digital cookbook is Pinterest. I save tons of recipes that I would like to make. There are some recipes I make often and some occasionally. These are my top 10 pinterest recipes (In no particular order):

#1 Black Bean Tacos

These black bean tacos are super delicious and filling. It has all the perfect toppings with a creamy avocado, cilantro lime sauce. Vegetarian, cheap and healthy. I make these a few times a year. Best of all NO cooking required (just heating up)!

#2 Rose Lemon Caper Salmon

This is probably my favorite recipe on this list, by Ayesha Curry. I make salmon at least once a week and this is my one of go to recipes for salmon. Memorized at this point! SOO yummy!

#3 Salsa Fresca Chicken

This recipe definitely feels “fresca.” Easy right in the oven meal. Serve with a side of rice and lots of lime.

#4 Turkey Enchiladas

This recipe is by Kris Jenner. I make this once a year with thanksgiving turkey leftovers. A few other recipes I make with leftover turkey are soup and sandwiches.

#5 Cornbread with Jalapeno

This is another favorite to make around the holidays. The best part is that you use a cornbread mix to make this recipe. Another Ayesha Curry recipe.

#6 Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

I make this one a few times a year. Easy crockpot meal. Use a nice crusty bread to make it more than a regular old sandwich.

#7 Tuna Melts

This is my favorite way of having a tuna melt. Martha Stewart really got me on this one. Capers, tomatoes, cheese and crusty bread. What more can you ask for? Make it a fancy dinner without the extra work.

#8 Gnocchi with Pomodoro Sauce

A nice cozy meal for those rainy days. I’ve only made this once and will definitely be a go to recipe this winter. Easy and so satisfying.

#9 Thai Curry Noodle Soup

This is another dish that looks as if it takes a few hours to make yet is the complete opposite. Feeds a crowds and full of flavor. You can easily substitute chicken for shrimp. Whatever floats your boat 😋

#10 Chocolate Poke Cake with Frosting

Lastly, I had to put in a chocolate recipe. Chocolate is a must for me! I made this for my son’s birthday last year and boy was this a rich cake and yummy frosting! All I can say is YUM!

I love tasting new foods and creating new dishes but its always fun to accidently create a new recipe when you use what you have on hand. Let me know your favorite recipes that I should try next!


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  1. Love the photos! Generally, show me a picture and I can put together the dish from that ~ occasionally I’ve gone wrong, but usually the inspiration of the photo and the ingredients list is all I need. That chicken with salsa is a perfect example! And the variety in your group is wonderful. As usual, Azilde, love what you do! 🙂

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