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Everyday Learning Activities To Do With Your Toddler

Do you struggle to find everyday learning activities to do with your toddler? I admit, sometimes I do, as I want to play and teach my toddler what he should be doing now, for his milestones. Playtime, of any form is super important but it’s nice to implement learning activities for their age. This helps advance their skills. A while ago I found the playfully app. (Not Sponsored). This app is geared for children ages 0-3 months. It lists fun and quick activities to play with your child, based on age. There is a paid version but I use the free one and it still provides plenty of fun!

Learning Activities

Life is always on the go and I am always looking for activities to do with my son that don’t take forever. This week on the playfully app, it said to work on teaching the color red for the week. What a great idea! I didn’t even think of that! Which is why I really like this app. It gives you many learning activities that you would not necessary think of. I tend to name all the colors instead of focusing on one. It’s only been a few days and my son can point to the color red on some things. But its progress! Next week I will focus on another color.

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Social and Developmental Skills

Toddlers are learning so many things on a daily basis. They are learning to walk, run, jump, talk, play and discover new things. They do a lot of multitasking if you ask me! To make things easier, focus on a few things at a time. One color, one shape and one word for a few days or a week. Go from there.

Joining playgroups or activities, such as, swimming and gymnastics classes. Your toddler is socializing and learning from other children as well. These classes are developed to teach your child new skills that you as a parent may not do at home. The instructors create a lesson plan to work on your child’s social, developmental, physical and cognitive skills. It may look like all play but there many benefits to all this play time!

Fun Activities to Do With Baby and Toddler

  • take a walk and point out cars, trees and colors
  • enroll in a gymnastics class
  • enroll in swill class
  • color and paint together
  • go shopping together
  • practice walking stairs and hills (up and down)
  • beach fun -play in the sand and walk in the sand
  • give choices-ex. red or blue shirt

Have fun!

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