Challenge Yourself Once A Month

Setting goals is a must in my book. I love writing them out in a notebook and crossing them off as I complete them. On top of setting goals, I have added challenges. My husband and I started the month of February with a challenge to omit red meat for the month. His birthday is on the 28th of this month. We will then celebrate his birthday with a nice steak! For me it was not difficult to omit red meat. I almost did forget one day while out, but quickly remembered no cheeseburgers allowed! It was definitely harder for him. But when you challenge yourself once a month with someone else, it makes it easier. You have each other to motivate and you work even harder!

Your Challenge Can Be Anything!

February was omitting red meat. For March I plan on not eating cakes and cookies. Notice, not ALL sweets. I always crave chocolate but lately have been eating more cookies than normal. Today I had a cupcake since its my son’s 10th birthday! Now I have two 10 year olds since my oldest two are both under a year old!

Anyway, you can make your challenge about fitness, nutrition and even bad habits! I would like to set a challenge to read at least a book or two at some point. I miss reading and don’t do it nearly as much as I used it. Summer will be here before you know it and that is when I tend to read the most. Probably because there aren’t many shows for me to watch. Yet, I have stopped watching a few shows and binge watch when I can. I have yet to find the time to catch up on shows on a weekly basis, as I used to. That’s a good one. Finding more time for me 😆.


Nutrition Challenge Ideas

As I mentioned above, if you eat too much red meat, maybe for the month cut it down to once a week (what we normally do at home). Maybe you eat too many foods with lots of sodium or sugar. Try cutting out salt gradually. For example, I don’t add salt to scrambled eggs because I always add cheese. Cheese has plenty of salt. Instead, I season the eggs with pepper and turmeric. Turmeric is good to reduce inflammation.

Cutting out sweets is another. I plan on cutting out cakes and cookies. Anything made with flour and sugar. This will start next week but I have already started to cut out some of the cookies. Too bad, no more cookies in the house for the month! I buy them for the kids and they aren’t as bad as other cookies but if I am going to do this, I need to discipline myself! Soon I will stop craving them.

Fitness Challenge

Start working out but setting a certain amount of days and minutes per day. Whether you start at 5 minutes a day or 1 hour a day. Stay consistent. It takes two months for most people to get into a habit of working out consistently (fun fact). Make it part of your routine and do with someone!

Bad Habits

Do you bite your nails? Do you eat late at night? What about sleep? Is that part of your routine? Are you spending to much on useless items? We can all admit we have bad habits but those habits can be fixed! Pick one thing you would like to change for March and stick to it! It’s exciting working for something. Then you can reward yourself!

Hobbies You Would Like To Start

I have tons of hobbies I would like to restart. Crafting and reading! I was able to finish reading a book last month but I have a ton more on my list to read. Finding time to schedule that in lol. Start a hobby you enjoy, as part of your routine. Play games, read, lunch with family and friends, sports, learn something new, such as fixing a computer or a DIY project!

Stay Positive and Take Care Of YOU!

What is your March challenge?

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12 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself Once A Month

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for the inspiration and ideas. I too set goals in my planner. I have a few little daily goals such as a daily walk, yoga and drinking 4 glasses of water ( I hope to increase this but I am starting small so I can achieve it)!. It’s great to tick things off and also make bigger plans and goals for the month and year ahead.

  2. Despite planning to get back to crafting I still haven’t managed to find the time. Easy for me to give up red meat but cakes and biscuits really hard. You are right though one small change over time can make a big difference to your health and well-being

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