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Gymnastics Benefits for Toddlers

It is important to keep your toddler active, busy and learning! There are many gymnastics benefits for toddlers because you get to bond with your child, but also teach your little one social skills. This is super beneficial for my son and probably many young children during this pandemic. My son is super attached to me and scared of everyone except for everyone in my home, which includes, his 2 brothers, my husband and myself. There is a new instructor in training in his swim class, so these last 2 weeks he hasn’t been too comfortable. It takes him longer to warm up to a male vs female. Must be the deep voice!

Gymnastics Benefits

  • Social Skills
  • Developmental Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Sharing
  • Coordination
  • Making friends
  • Listening Skills
The Little Gym

What Is A Day Like?

Each class is focused on a skill. For example, for the next 4 weeks, the instructor will be focusing on language skills. Today we worked on pronouncing the letters G, L, O, R, S and T. We also went around and tried pronouncing the first letter of each child’s name in class. After, we then practiced the letter sounds of the day with a song and a dance. The instructor then gives the children a break for free play and then back to structured activities. During free play there is an activity of the day to try. Today was learning to backflip. This is optional, of course. At the end of class the children do bubbles and sing a sing. Last week was also super fun. My son enjoyed the animal sounds!

Tell Me More

My son attends The Little Gym, which is a chain here in the US, Canada and also internationally. However, all kid gyms offer many of the same benefits. You can start as early as 4 months and can attend until 12 years of age, at this particular gym. Each class is structured, as much as the can for little ones! Ages 4 months to 3 years old attend class with one parent. As they get older they attend class alone but parents can watch from the windows, outside of the gym. I was a bit hesitant, to start gymnastics classes at this time because of covid-19. However, everything is sanitized and all the adults wear masks. To be extra cautious, my toddler and I shower after class to get rid of any extra germs, since we are both barefoot and running around, sharing equipment. Each child gets their own ball, hula hoop, jump rope, etc. but toddlers being toddlers, they drop things and everyone ends up sharing the equipment. That also goes for the gym gear, obviously.

Free Play

Is It Worth It?

I was wondering that myself. Isn’t a kids gym for children to run around and get tired, enough for a nap? It is worth it. Why? My son gets to socialize, be physically active in a safe environment and most of all, the classes are actually teaching him skills based on his age! It is not just about running around (as I first thought). He is practicing skills we work on at home, as well! If you aren’t sure, if your child will like it or if it worth it, ask your local gymnastics for a free class. I attended one before signing up to make sure it was something my son would enjoy. I have to say he loves it! He is enrolled in the older kids class, as he is shy of 2 months before joining his age group. It is better for them to copy the older children!

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25 thoughts on “Gymnastics Benefits for Toddlers

  1. Hi Azilde. My son was in gymnastics when he was a little older than your son. It’s a great thing as it teaches so much. Your little guy is still pretty young so I wouldn’t worry too much. I remember being concerned about my little dude cuz all he wanted was me but that changed when he was about 3.5…ish… Then he was ready to “play’ and interact with other kids. Oh, and my son HATED the baby swim classes–I had to pull him becuz he screamed bloody murder….but in grade 5 joined the local swim club and became part of the team. So all good. Keep involved. xo

    1. Thanks Faye! Im lucky my son loves swim. Some kids cry the whole time. I think the benefit was starting him at 9 months so he is used to it. With COVID-19 we don’t see family as much and he is scared of everyone. With time it’ll pass, like you said! ❤️

      1. You’re such a good mom. It’s tough doing all that stuff with them–esp when you have older kids too. My hats off to you for all your patience. I always found that each age saw some challenges go but replaced by new ones…fun.

  2. My daughter was a gymnast she started young and we traveled for years as she started climbing up in higher levels. She developed a team mentality, structure and how to focus. When you are doing a beam dismount there is little room for error so she practiced four hours a day. Have fun!! Thanks for sharing it took me back to when my daughter was at home growing up. Love ❤️ Joni

      1. Yes, thank you. I loved your post every line reminded me of cherished times. Thanks again. You and your family have a wonderful weekend. 💕🤗❤️😘

    1. My daughter was a gymnast but when she first wanted to join a class she was turned down as they didn’t have enough helpers. So I volunteered to assist and got her in. I loved supervising the beginner level.

      1. That’s amazing and super exciting! That always seems to be the case. My oldest plays sports and at the younger level there were never enough parent volunteers. My husband coaches every year!

      2. You were wonderfully resourceful my friend good for you. It really teaches them discipline. Have an amazing weekend. Love to
        You and your family. 🥰🤗❤️Joni

  3. Some great advice here. Would love to get my children enrolled in some physical activity sessions but we are still in lockdown here! I think my 3 year old would love gymnastics! I am also hoping to get them both into swimming also once restrictions are lifted! A great read 😊

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