library time with your toddler

Library Time with Your Toddler

Is library time with your toddler a thing? Of course! You don’t have to spend hours at the library but even just 15 minutes to get him used it. Toddlers love to run around, so when we think of going to the library, we think of noises, tantrums, etc. However, here are some tips to make the most of, at the library with your toddler!

It’s All About Timing

Just because a library is quiet, doesn’t mean you should take your toddler to the library around their nap time. Pick a time before or right after nap time. Plan to go for 15-30 minutes to start. Once the library becomes a familiar place to visit, you can start extending your stay. Especially as your little one gets older!

library time with your toddler
Library Books & Crafts from the Monthly Grab Bag

What is There to Do?

There are tons of free activities to do with your toddler! Every library has a youth section and most have a toddler/preschool zone. For example, my local library has a train table. This is a hit for many children. There’s also cozy chairs to sit in and watch your child play with other children. This is great, for your child to learn to share and socialize! For you, the parent or caregiver, an opportunity to meet other parents.

Grab Bags

I recently discovered grab bags. A grab bag is a bag with a few books and crafts you can do with your child. Grab bags are done monthly at my library. You can make a request for pick up. Pick up may be easier than looking for new books to choose from. Instead the library chooses some books for your to read. The crafts are to keep but the books you return. This worked out perfect for me today, as the toddler book section was jam packed with kids. Therefore, it was a big distraction for my son. I did not have to worry about looking for books since I got a grab bag!

Story Time

Story time is done year round at most libraries. The summers are nice because my library holds story time outdoors on the lawn. The librarians use LARGE books to read. It makes it easier for your little ones to see the pictures. No worrying about noisy children, because the librarians use a microphone to read, making sure they are heard. And third, there is always interaction while reading. Not just reading. At the end there is bubble time as well!

carter reading May 2021
Carter Reading

Can You Still Enjoy Library Time?

I love the library and could spend hours reading. But with 3 children that is not easy task. However, after I am done picking out books with my toddler, I head to my section. The adult section is always quiet and so relaxing! I love just walking through the aisles, taking my time. At this point, I really think its relaxing for my toddler after all the noise on his section of the library. I’d say yes, you can still enjoy library time for your self!

Know Ahead of Time

  • Check your library’s website for upcoming events
  • Most activities require registration
  • Ask about grab bags!
  • Mornings are great since older children are at school. You will see the younger crowds in the AM
  • Feel free to visit other libraries! Your local library is affiliated with tons of libraries nearby. Even if you aren’t checking out books, story time and other activities are a bonus!
  • Before heading to a museum or zoo, check with your library about a discount and save some money!

All Year Round

The library is open all year round. Hang out at the library or even do virtual activities online. Virtuals are not great for my toddler but even events for adults are done virtually now. My son and I were heading to our nature walk when it started to rain this morning. The library was the perfect activity for a rainy day! Perfect for year round activities and the winter coming!

Happy Readings!

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