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Eggplant Pizza (A Lighter Bite!)

Did you know eggplants get their name because when young they actually look like eggs? Fun fact for ya. The majority of people, I’d say love pizza. I can name 2 people that don’t like pizza. That is it! Pizza is so comforting, also filling, cozy and delicious. It is an easy meal for those weeknights that you don’t want to cook and easy meal that the kids will enjoy. On top of all that, you can make pizza so many different ways, from the crust, toppings, cheese and sauce! Eggplant pizza tastes just as good and is a lighter bite than a traditional pizza.

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5 Kid Friendly Meals to Make Any Day of The Week

Kids can be picky. I am lucky my kids are not picky and eat everything I make. However, there are days I make certain meals for my husband and I. There are meals that I know they may not be interested in and I don’t feel like making extra food for no reason. There are also times when we order sushi or something the kids don’t eat. I will say my oldest likes sushi but not all 3 kids do yet. Therefore, I may make something for the kids instead of ordering a bunch of different meals. I too enjoy these kid friendly meals. Here are 5 kid friendly meals to make any day of the week!

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