5 Kid Friendly Meals to Make Any Day of The Week

Kids can be picky. I am lucky my kids are not picky and eat everything I make. However, there are days I make certain meals for my husband and I. There are meals that I know they may not be interested in and I don’t feel like making extra food for no reason. There are also times when we order sushi or something the kids don’t eat. I will say my oldest likes sushi but not all 3 kids do yet. Therefore, I may make something for the kids instead of ordering a bunch of different meals. I too enjoy these kid friendly meals. Here are 5 kid friendly meals to make any day of the week!


This is an easy one. Make pizzas. I could live off of pizza. It so good and you can make it a variety of ways. Use naan bread, pizza dough or eggplant slices! Both white and wheat naan taste amazing. Pizza muffins, using pizza dough makes it portable for school and eggplant pizza tastes just as good but with a healthier take.

The Ultimate Cheese Platter

Who doesn’t love a nice cheese platter. This is a go to at home when I don’t want to cook. Make a nice cheese platter that is kid friendly and also suitable for your adult palette. Serve yourself a plate with a glass of wine. The trick is adding cheeses that the kids like and add a stronger cheese or something a bit different for your plate. Add nuts, jam, pepperoni or salami and also fruit. One of my favorite cheeses to add is havarti dill. It’s so soft and creamy.

cheese platter small
Cheese Platter


Of course, kids love cheeseburgers. The first time I made Cheeseburger Wrapped in Lettuce (No Bun & Healthy) I put buns on the kids burgers. But the second time, I decided they would also have their burgers wrapped in lettuce. Guess what! They loved the burger without the bun! Healthier and still very satisfying!

Olive Oil Dip

I admit I haven’t made this olive oil dip much this year. However, this is a great to make and serve as a meal. During the summers I tend to make it more. I buy a loaf of Italian or French bread and serve it with olive oil dip, cheese, pepperoni and grapes. Similar to a cheese platter but without the jam, nuts or crackers. My olive oil dip has many herbs and fresh garlic. Yes, there is oil, but its olive oil and with lots of dried herbs! HERE is how I make it.

Make Chicken!

Make real chicken! Forget the nuggets! I did not grow up eating nuggets. I had a fresh meal everyday. Maybe that is why I don’t like the taste of chicken nuggets. Because of that I never bought the frozen dinosaur nuggets you get at the grocery store. What’s more fun than making chicken legs or chicken wings. Add your favorite sauce or seasoning and serve with corn on the cob, your favorite vegetable and add fries, if you really want. It is a lot healthier and soo good!

Make One Meal

To make things easier, feed your family what you normally make instead of making different meals for everyone. If I have leftovers, then everyone may get something different, since there is a little bit of whatever I made the night before. However, if you get your kids used to eating what you eat, then life will be a lot easier. No need to worry about making a few different meals to satisfy everyone.

What are some easy meals you make at home for your kids?


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10 thoughts on “5 Kid Friendly Meals to Make Any Day of The Week

  1. Oh Azilde. I’m coming to your house for dinner. Yum. I’m glad to hear you recognize that a child’s palette is different. It makes for a healthier relationship with food. Your alternative are perfect!

  2. Your meals look so amazing Azilde. Your children are so lucky eating lovely home cooked meals. It’s great that your children aren’t fussy eaters. Both of mine are really great eaters and we all eat the same meals. Pizzas are also a favourite in our family!

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