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Roasted Baby Potatoes

Did you know if there was one food you could live on for the rest of your life it would be potatoes? Potatoes essentially have all the amino acids and proteins our bodies need. However, we would have deficiencies with other vitamins. Most of us love potatoes and I’d say french fries is the most popular! My favorite potato to make at home is the baby potatoes. Why? Roasted baby potatoes are so easy to make and don’t take forever to bake!

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Breakfast Sides

20 Minute Hash Browns

Let’s make hash browns in 20 minutes! We can all agree not every restaurant makes good hash browns. Some make them better than others. I’ve ordered hash browns that look like balls of potatoes sort of mashed together! I know, not what you would expect! Hash Browns may seem a bit difficult to make but after many different ways of making them, this is my favorite way. Broiling in the oven! Easy and crispy on the outside. The perfect cozy meal to have with a side of eggs and bacon.

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