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Lunch/Dinner Sides

Farro with Roasted Vegetables (Meatless Monday)

By now you can see how much I love roasted vegetables. Adding farro to the mix makes it even better. For those nights you don’t want meat. And by that I mean chicken. My husband is perfectly fine having chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I get tired of it. This farro bowl is hearty and very filling. You got yourself some nice fall colors in this dish. Very halloweenish if you asked me. All I did was make some roasted vegetables and then realized the halloween colors are all in this dish! HA! In 15 minutes you have all the vegetables you need for a nutritious meal.

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Roasted Baby Potatoes

Did you know if there was one food you could live on for the rest of your life it would be potatoes? Potatoes essentially have all the amino acids and proteins our bodies need. However, we would have deficiencies with other vitamins. Most of us love potatoes and I’d say french fries is the most popular! My favorite potato to make at home is the baby potatoes. Why? Roasted baby potatoes are so easy to make and don’t take forever to bake!

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