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Eggplant Pizza (A Lighter Bite!)

Did you know eggplants get their name because when young they actually look like eggs? Fun fact for ya. The majority of people, I’d say love pizza. I can name 2 people that don’t like pizza. That is it! Pizza is so comforting, also filling, cozy and delicious. It is an easy meal for those weeknights that you don’t want to cook and easy meal that the kids will enjoy. On top of all that, you can make pizza so many different ways, from the crust, toppings, cheese and sauce! Eggplant pizza tastes just as good and is a lighter bite than a traditional pizza.

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5 Spring Salads To Make This Week

Now that Spring is here, let’s start making refreshing salads! I am sharing with you 5 spring salads to make this week! This is when I start adding fruits to my salads and more raw vegetables. Many fruits I use for salads are now returning for in season. Meaning, juicy fruits for a few months! I hate buying, fruits when not in season. Lately, I have been wanting strawberries and even though they aren’t in season yet, I decided to buy some. I actually used strawberries in my eggplant salad yesterday. Some of the strawberries were sweet and some were just watery. Which is why, it’s good to purchase fruits when they are in season. Anyway, here are 5 spring salads to make this week!

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Bruschetta On A Rice Cake (A Healthy Holiday Snack)

The holidays are filled with sweets. There is always an excuse to eat something unhealthy because it’s the holiday season. As I write this I feel so full of eating unhealthy today. Now I have a slight headache! Tomorrow I will go back to healthy eating. With that being said, I want to share a healthy holiday snack I have been making, Bruschetta on a rice cake. It’s really not ONLY a holiday snack but I am calling it that because it has all the Christmas colors. So why not call it a holiday snack? I love bruschetta. It’s very fresh, light and serving it on a rice cake is even lighter than on bread. At less than 50 calories per rice cake, it can be topped with anything from peanut butter and bananas to guacamole without worrying about the extra calories.

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