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Deciding What Activities to Sign Your Toddler Up For

Deciding what activities to sign your toddler up for is never an easy decision. First, your toddler is still very young and can’t tell you what he wants to learn or actually be interested in. Second, it costs money. You don’t want to waste money on an activity your child may not enjoy.

Baby and Toddler Activities

You may see advertisements to sign your baby or toddler up for classes. Most classes start at a very young age! My son started swim class at 9 months old but classes actually start at 6 months. Gymnastics classes start as early as 4 months where my son attends. And then there is soccer. The first sport most children start. Some places start as early as 18 months. The more research I do, the more activities I find. Art class is another. Because of COVID the art classes near me were only offering virtual classes or purchasing art supply kits. My son loves scribbling with markers. I have tons of art supplies and decided to not spend the money on a virtual class. My son is too young to interact with others via zoom for 30 minutes! We do art just about everyday. Mornings right before breakfast is his favorite time!

Should You Sign Up?

Before signing up, attend a free trial class. Most places offer them. If you don’t see it advertised, just ask! Also, do your research! Look at different activities, programs and companies. Some may be more expensive than others and some may offer more or less.

What Age Should You Enroll Your Child?

Enrolling your child to join an activity depends on your child’s interests and behavior. I say behavior, because some children may not be ready to be in noisy areas or around many children. I know my middle child struggled with this as a toddler and still does today. Which is why, you should definitely take advantage of free trial classes.

Soccer Trial

Just the other day, I took my 18 month old to a soccer class. I assumed he would have loved it. The balls were SOO small and perfect for his size. However, he was only interested in playing with the hoola hoops and running around. Most of the kids in his class were closer to 24 months and were able to participate just fine. Another child, I noticed was doing the same thing my son was. Doing his own thing and not interested in the class.

I decided not to go forward with signing up for now. The class was more free play than structured. I figured his gymnastics class is perfect for now. It is structured and offers so many things! You can read more about it HERE.

When Your Child Is Ready

Only you know when your child is ready. Take advantage of free trial classes to get a feel for the class. You will get a better understanding of how classes are taught and what benefits they have to offer. Make sure to book the class when your child is awake and ready for fun. I had to reschedule a trial class because I had a fussy teething baby. Work around your child’s schedule. Meaning not around nap time or meal time!

Overall, baby and toddler classes are fun and perfect bonding time with your little one! You just have to find the right class for the both of you!

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6 thoughts on “Deciding What Activities to Sign Your Toddler Up For

  1. I love this! My daughter is a feisty little one that won’t sit still, so I’ve signed her up for everything. Literally everything! She did swimming from 9 months but we’ve had to stop formal lessons due to the pandemic. She’s also joined music, dance, ballet and soccer. It’s silly to say but I want her to tell me what she doesn’t like then we’ll cut it, but until then, she looks forward to each day as she does a different activity after preschool (well, as extra carricula at school)

    1. Thanks Shelly! That’s amazing! Its fun and they grow up so fast! I am glad she loves all her activities. So cute! My son does swim and gymnastics. I can’t wait for sports! He was not interested in soccer for now. I am going to wait a few more months and see.

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