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Nut Free School Lunch Ideas and Snacks


Most schools are nut free because of the rise in nut allergies over the years. I decided to update my nut free school lunch ideas blog. Nut-Free meals and snacks also make it more difficult to create meals when you have to check the labels on snacks and ingredients, when cooking. These nut free school lunch ideas are great for school and work.

This school year I won’t have to pack lunch every single day. The plus is that I can make my kids a nice cooked meal a few times a week. The two days they will be in school is all I have to really worry about. Once school starts up again you have to think of different meals to send 5 days a week! You will get tired and bored if there isn’t much of a rotation of meals every week.

How to Pack

To simplify things I use a thermos for warm meals and the Sunsella bento lunch box for cold lunches. I certainly add protein, a vegetable and or fruit and a carb, at times. I want to make sure my kids get full.

Because of COVID I may have to pack the kids lunches in paper bags and disposable containers. Meaning sandwiches in sandwich bags? I am not sure yet, as I am getting little details here and there, practically everyday.

What to Pack

The rotation for protein may be: chicken, tuna, pepperoni, boiled egg or cheese. Once in a blue I’ll have left over steak. If you are making sandwiches buy a crusty bread, sour dough, something with more flavor than regular sandwich bread. It makes meals more exciting and tastier!

Lunch Ideas

  • Chicken salad with choice of dressing on the side with cut up fresh fruit, dried fruit or veggies.
  • tuna salad sandwich/sub with pretzels and fruit or veggie
  • pepperoni with cheese stick, crackers and grapes/strawberries
  • homemade pizzas (I use Naan) I cut them into fours or strips and add chips and fruit or veggies
  • Italian sub with sour cream and onion chips and fruit
  • tortilla chips with salsa, cheese stick and chicken
  • veggies chips or crackers with hummus, fruit and cheese
  • homemade bean burrito with tortilla chips
  • mac and cheese with slice of crusty bread
  • pasta with fresh shredded parmesan cheese and slice of bread on the side
  • rice, beans and chicken with a side of fruit
  • veggie platter – carrots, broccoli, babybel, ranch dressing, oranges and apples
  • yogurt with granola, cheese stick and crackers
  • chocolate chip waffles/pancakes with fruit such as strawberries or banana and syrup
  • black bean, cheddar and corn wrap with salsa dip, tortilla chips and fruit
  • popcorn, cheese stick, pepperoni and fruit
  • leftover pizza and fries
  • muffin with banana and cheese
  • boiled egg with popcorn, cheese, fruit
  • chicken, cheese stick, fruit and crackers
  • quesadillas with salsa or sour cream, tortilla chips and veggies

Check out my youtube video with more meal ideas HERE.

These are my kids favorite meals. I mix and match to switch it up a bit.

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  1. LOVE it! So practical, inviting, tasty, nutritious. You have created a delightful post out of a necessary school accommodation (nut-free carry-in.) Well done! (-Not sure why this didn’t show up in my Reader, though??)

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