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What Thanksgiving Sides to Make

We all like to make traditional sides for the holidays. I stick to the same sides but also add or change a side every year. Something different is always nice. Here are some ideas on what thanksgiving sides to make this year.

Thanksgiving Sides

Mac and Cheese

My son recently asked me why we don’t have mac and cheese for thanksgiving. It is a popular dish. However, I make it pretty frequently throughout the year for my boys. Which is the reason I don’t make it for thanksgiving. Here are my two favorite ways to make macaroni and cheese!


Potatoes are so versatile, making it easy to create different dishes. Try Roasted Baby Potatoes or add some extra flavors to your mashed potatoes. I enjoy making garlic chive mashed potatoes, which I only make once a year!

Sweet Potatoes

Many things seem to be made “mashed” for this special holiday. My family and I definitely enjoy more texture, which is why I enjoy roasting most of my vegetables. Try making Loaded Pumpkin Spice Sweet Potatoes or roast some sweet potatoes with a little olive oil, salt and pepper!

Vegetables and Salad

Another dish I only make for thanksgiving is my Brussels Sprouts and Carrots with Bacon (One Pan Dish). I love it because it’s a one pan dish! I cook the vegetables in the bacon fat. However, for a healthier take, I use olive oil instead of bacon fat.

There is also nothing wrong with adding a salad to your meal, even on a holiday! A warm salad is perfect to serve with your sides. Try Warm Brussel Sprouts & Kale Caesar Salad.

Main Sides

Sides that I always make, are Rachael Ray’s apple stuffing the brussel sprouts one pan dish, I mentioned above and cranberry sauce. This year I might make some garlic parmesan dinner rolls. Just a thought, but I will post the recipe, if I decide to make it!

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What are you making this year? Are there must have sides you need, to go with your turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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