toddler brushing teeth

How to Get Toddler to Brush His Teeth

How did you get your toddler to brush his teeth? Or are you still struggling to get him to brush? Here are my tips on how to get your toddler to brush his teeth. Now this didn’t happen overnight but definitely helped the process!

Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth Young

Start brushing your baby’s teeth. When my toddler was a baby, I used a finger brush. It would clean his gums and I was able to brush his tongue, as well. This also worked when he started getting teeth, which for him took 14 months to get his first tooth! I remember my older 2 got their first teeth around 6 months. Which I see, as more common. I was quite surprised it took my youngest that long to get teeth!

However, once baby starts biting, transition to a toddler toothbrush. Now this is where it became hard for my toddler to accept a brush on a stick!

toddler brushing teeth

Some Tips

  • Buy a character toothbrush or one with lights
  • Try a kids fluoride-free toothpaste
  • Brush your teeth with your toddler. Monkey see, monkey do.
  • Or have siblings brush their teeth with your toddler. It is more fun for them to copy their older siblings.
  • Try brushing different times of the day. For example, shower time was not a favorite but after shower time has become easy to do. Also before bedtime. Find a consistent routine and it will stick!
  • Read books on brushing teeth

Won’t Happen Overnight

Don’t think this will happen overnight. I tried all the methods above, multiple times in order to get results. In the end it worked. My son knows he has to brush his teeth after showertime. I sit him on the counter and we will both brush our teeth. He is now wanting to do it himself. Not always perfect but he is now comfortable with his toothbrush. He prefers to brush his tongue the whole time, while he stares at himself in the mirror!

Give it some time and patience and your toddler will brush his teeth without any issues in no time!

Happy Brushing!

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