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6 Easy Salads To Try At Home ( Not Boring!)

Sure, salads are easy to make. But making the same salads over and over can get pretty boring. You want to elevate your palate to actually enjoy what your eating. Some salads I repeat but many times, I come up with new salads, more often. Whether I came up with a new idea or just using leftover vegetables to make a salad. Here are 6 easy salads to try at home.

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What to Do and Make with Leftovers Part II

I decided to make a part II on What to Do and Make with Leftovers. There are so many ways to incorporate your leftovers instead of tossing them in the trash! Of course, if you are not planning on using them right away then make sure to freeze them! Don’t you love going to restaurants where there is a salad bar with a ton on roasted vegetables to add to your salad? I love that! I have thought of doing that on many occasions. Preparing a bunch of vegetables to add to my salads. Using my leftovers gives me the same results without having to make extras for salads!

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