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Must Have Packing Tips To Make Life Easier

I can count with one hand how many times I have moved. Not much at all! This time around I was moving as a family of 5. Meaning more things and those “things” sure add up. I couldn’t believe how many boxes I had and how much stuff actually fit into a 2 bedroom. We moved to a 4 bedroom and wow! Amazing how everything I had at the old place fit perfect in my new home. Here are some Must Have Packing Tips to Make Life Easier.

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Organize your Linen Closet (Declutter)

Have you tried and tried to organize your linen closet but it always seems to become messy over time? I have tried that too many times and kept failing every time. I finally found a cheap and quick solution! For some time I was looking for bins that were cheap and in a neutral color. I really did not want to spend between $6-$11 on each bin! I needed ten bins and so for me that did not make much sense.

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DIY Organizer Basket Made with Jute

This a perfect time to make an organizer basket. The holidays are just around the corner. With so many online orders we get all types of boxes and so many different sizes. Once I start ordering gifts, even more boxes will be delivered to my doorstep. Some boxes are super cute in size and some are super large. From time to time I like to save them and recreate decor storage bins. I must admit I love decorative storage bins! A few years ago I made this DYI organizer basket made with jute. I am going to show you. It was super easy and lots of fun.

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